First car for wife

Hey hackrs!

I am looking at getting a car for my wife and can’t figure out what would be the best car for her.

I have been looking at X1s but I missed on the sub 200 deals that were happening in Oct since we couldn’t pull the trigger at that time.

With this being her first car, I would ideally like to be in the $200s range and if worst case she does damage that car I won’t feel to bad.

All suggestions are welcome!


Currently thinking CX-5, Hyundai Tucson, Hyundai Santa Fe, and Chevy Equinox as I’ve seen those cars fall in the $200-$300mo range.

Nissan Rogue?

That’s actually not a bad car to think about. I just have no idea how they lease here in NorCal.

Honda Fit, you cant have a Y chromosome to drive it


I’d look at Hyundai Elantra at $200 and Honda CRV closer to $300

He wants a car, not a divorce


Well played.

@Vadiksf415 where are you located? Think Hyundai Elantra Limited would be around $250/mo prob $250 DAS 36/12k.

I’m in NorCal, Bay Area to be exact.

Loved driving the Honda Fit. Only complaint was the absolute lack of space in it.

Kia Soul maybe? It was/is my wife’s first car.

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Did you look into the BMW i3?

@rkinra We have a kid, so the i3 def won’t work. I have been looking into CUVS primarily but coming up with a car that is cheap and I won’t care much about if damaged has been a more difficult challenge then I anticipated. Also, trying to find an aggressive dealer has been a bit of a challenge in NorCal.

Did you ask her what car she wants to drive in your price range?

Equinox midnight edition LT with leather black on black with panorama sunroof.

oh wait. i got one here and i ship to Norcal :wink:


If you’re basing your future car on sub $200 x1s you’re going to be very disappointed. To get that price you need all incentives and a dealer to discount a ton on a loaner…x2s leased a little better but rarely under $200/mo. I got my mom an x2 for 235/mo 43k msrp and that was 22% off msrp loyalty and ol code. Add in college grad and it’s around 200. Also need msds in there.

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@Jrouleau426 agree 100%. Def not basing anything off those deals. I’m just saying I should’ve taken advantage of them when the opportunity was there.

Buick Encore Preferred. Around $150 a month on a One Pay, itching $200 if you pay as you go. Get it in White, most gals like white. Tell her the pleather is real leather, she won’t know the difference…

I was actually thinking of that car. But the more I think about it, we will need an electric car as I will be needing to take advantage of the tax credits (purchase). Pretty much made up my mind that we will pull the trigger on a RAV4 Prime once it’s on the lots in the summer.