Finding US Bank Dealers?

I’m trying to find a deal on a Tacoma for my brother in law. Spent a lot of time emailing dealers, but they are very stingy with discounts because of the high demand.

But I looked on rodo and there are some great deals through US Bank. Even without a good discount, the deals are within my brother in law’s target payment range. So I’m trying to identify some US Bank dealers.

I found one, but somehow when I run the numbers they give me I compute a monthly payment that is $100 a month cheaper than what they’re giving me. :thinking: I sent them a filled out calculator with their own numbers and haven’t heard back.

Anyway, does anyone have any tricks for identifying US Bank dealers? I’m hesistant to send my brother to Rodo given some of the stories I’ve read… And I’m getting really tired of emailing Toyota dealers. They are the worst, seriously. Just give me a damn quote already. I’m not coming in to “discuss how you can save me money”!

There are no tricks to finding this out other than asking them if they write deals with USBank

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They may use US Bank but then go with a 5% flat which is the max marked up rate. So if the buy rate is 0.00100, they can contract at 0.00185 and make 5% of the net cap cost. Each 1% flat increases the MF by 0.00017 with US Bank so you not only have to find a dealer willing to use UsmS Bank but you also need to find one that uses their buy rates.

If the dealer can beat all other lenders by say $110/ month with the US Bank buy rate, and they know few dealers around them (that have inventory) are signed with US Bank, they will go with a marked up rate and increase their profit whenever possible. And the payment advantage is large enough that even with a marked up rate, it is still the best payment available in that market.

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The odd thing is that I used the MF that I got from them in my calculations. I’m not even sure if it’s the buy rate or not. I guess it’s possible the sales manager accidentally told me the buy rate and then didn’t want to admit they marked it up.

What state are you in?

Eastern Pennsylvania

If you have a US bank branch in your state they can write the lease for you and fund the dealer by split fund .Call 1-800-USBANKS And ask for direct lending


Wow that’s awesome, I didn’t know that. So just negotiate a purchase and US Bank would buy it and sell the lease?

Edit: Damn, no US banks in Pennsylvania :sob:

As long as they do business in your state yes

Try calling them anyway and ask if they’ll write a lease

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Pretty sure eastern Pa is like the unofficial hub for US Bank toyota leases based on info from this forum, no?

This (and last) have been the two worst months I have seen in the past 2 years for Tacoma discounts btw

Are you sure that’s correct? From what I’ve learned on here, dealerships need to have an agreement with 3rd party banks before signing lease deals through their programs.

@Cody_Carter @RVguy Care to chime in?

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I’ve had many US bank branches call us for cars for direct lending. Unless something has changed this is the case in CA

Or you can always call US bank and ask who is the participating Toyota dealer in your area

The dealer needs to be signed up to lease with US Bank. Consumer cant get preapproved directly with US bank to lease at any location.


Direct Lending Purchase Sure. Leasing no.


Glad to hear it’s not just me!

Yeah, that’s probably worth a try. I don’t understand why they don’t post a list on their website. You’d think it would be in their own best interests…

Looks like @Jrouleau426 has found me something!

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I called US bank couple of times. They gave me the list of Toyota dealers in my area. I called every dealer on the list and found non of them do lease transaction through USBank. They do purchase only. Seems US bank don’t have list of dealers who do lease through them. Please try and let me know if you are successful.


Thanks Michael. Besides Toyota Santa Cruz, do you know any other Toyota dealers in nor cal, who do lease transection through US bank?