Non-Captive Leases: Toyota Dealer List (US Bank, Ally, Credit Union)

Lately we’ve been seeing great deals on Tundra and Tacoma made possible by leases through non-captive lenders. These lenders may have higher residuals and lower MF rates, and they allow lessees to apply customer cash incentives toward leases, unlike with Toyota Financial Services.

This Wiki will be a list of Toyota dealers that work with non-captives so consumers can have an easier time finding a deal. If there are other brands (e.g., FCA) where non-captive leases are beneficial, please feel free create a similar Wiki!

** US Bank **

Norm Reeves Toyota (San Diego, CA)
Oxnard DCH Toyota (Oxnard, CA)
Santa Cruz Toyota (Santa Cruz, CA)
Tustin Toyota (Tustin, CA) @Cody_Carter

Dan Deery Toyota (Cedar Falls, IA)

Rudy Luther Toyota (Golden Valley, MN)
Maplewood Toyota (Maplewood, MN)

North Carolina
Town and Country Toyota (Charlotte, NC)

North Dakota
Corwin Toyota (Fargo, ND)

Toyota West (Columbus, OH)
Ganley Toyota (Akron, OH)

Gladstone Toyota (Gladstone, OR)
Toyota of Portland (Portland, OR)

Ganley Toyota (Pittsburgh, PA)

** Ally Bank **

Peruzzi Toyota (Hatfield, PA)


North Carolina (Charlotte)
Town and Country Toyota

Ohio (Columbus)
Toyota West

California - (Ventura)
Oxnard DCH Toyota

California - (San Diego)
Norm Reeves Toyota

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Ganley Toyota - Pittsburgh and Akron

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Corwin Toyota
Fargo Nd

Rudy Luther Toyota
Golden Valley MN

Maplewood Toyota
Maplewood MN

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Let’s keep this thread to it’s intention…a list of Toyota/USBank dealers. Questions should be asked elsewhere.

Dan Deery Toyota
Cedar Falls, Iowa

Santa Cruz Toyota

Updated wiki post to include all suggestions. Also changed the title to include all captive lenders, not just US Bank.

If you know of other non-captives and the dealers that work with them, share them here!

@RVguy knows the ones that work with credit unions

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Peruzzi Toyota- 20 minutes north of Philadelphia. We use TFS, Ally, and credit unions, and some of the leases through ally and the credit unions are amazing. If anyone in the area is looking for a Tacoma lease let me know!

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I’ve never done a deal with them, but I know that Del Toyota (near Philadelphia, PA) uses a bunch of different ones, I know they use Members Credit Union, Ally, and US Bank as well as TFS (Toyota Financial Services).


I leased a Tundra from Del last month. The lease is with US Bank. I have read that they also use Ally Financial.