Finally ...2018 Mazda CX5 Grand Touring $325.00 and $325 Down


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**Year, Make, Model, and Trim:**2018 Mazda CX5 Grand Touring W/Premium Pck
Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:

**MSRP: $**32815.00
**Selling Price: $**28797.00
**Monthly Payment: $**325.43
**Cash Due at Signing: $**325.43
**Incentives:**360.00 Lease cash

**Annual Mileage:**12K

Leasehackr Score:


Wowowowow could you PM the dealer! Is the 325 including tax?

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Finally got it done. Had a deal at 312.00 end of month June but could not sign and take delivery…travel plans. Anyway agonized another month and signed last night. No matter what I could not get back to the 312.00 that was agreed last month . So ended at 325.00 with first month DAS. Considering the overall attitude of southwest Fl dealers and the crazy dealer fees I did as well as can be expected. About 12% discount and not really any incentives to speak of. Now just a short 3 more years and we can do it all over again.
Can hardly wait!


Yes…All in 325.43
Roof Rails
Rear bumper protector
Wheel locks

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Could you also please pm me the dealer??


Pm the dealers it is possible to match it in NJ?


Can you PM me the dealer also please… thanks


Feel free to PM me . I will help if i can


PM me…Are you in FL


Will your dealer match out of state quotes?


I am trying to lease a 2018 Mazda CX5 Grand Touring and this was the deal I was given - 3year lease - 10k miles - I didn’t think it was a good deal - any thoughts or inputs would be most appreciated - Thank You!

2018 Mazda CX5 Grand Touring

**MSRP: $**32515.00
**Selling Price: Wouldn’t disclose - residual would be $18,858
**Monthly Payment: $**335.87 (including tax at 8.75%)
**Cash Due at Signing: $2,000

**Annual Mileage:**10K
MF: Don’t Know
*Residual: $18,858



Find out the selling price. From what you are saying it does not seem like you got much of a discount.Did you have any other incentives applied to the deal?Shop as many dealers as you can.


I don’t think there was any discount offered here - just straight rip off… Here’s the numbers I came up with

335.87 x 36 months = $12,091.32 + $2k down = $14,091.31 + $18,858 (residual) = $32,949.32

What I don’t understand is if MSRP is $32,515 then how do I end up paying $32,949.32 ??

Am I doing something wrong in my calculations? Tax or something?

Our tax rate is 8.75 which is included in the $335.87 monthly payment…


If you are in the LA area I can get you better than that.

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Think about that.

Yes, tax is included, hence must be subtracted if comparing to MSRP. Then there are those other things like interest, DMV, acquistion, doc fee, etc. knowing all of those would let you figure out the discount you are getting.

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Yeah the $2k down is mostly fees, taxes and first month.
At best $300 of that goes towards the value of the car.


Ed are in Louisiana or CA?


I’m in CA…


I’m looking for CX5 lease deal, would you be able to help?


I’m interested and from PA…please PM the dealer info…