Finally ...2018 Mazda CX5 Grand Touring $325.00 and $325 Down



Hey Ed, could you pm or contact me looking for CX5 in Los Angeles


Hi, Ed! Looking for deals on CX5 and 6 if you could please contact me. Thank you!


@Dragrcr Can you PM me dealer?


PM sent to both of as you know. Did not want people thinking I was ignoring requests. Seems these cars are getting hard and harder to get good deals on. Residual is being slashed. I bet the 2.5 turbo will be $100 more a month.


Hi Ed, please pm me as well. Looking for CX5.


Thank you again! Yup, definitely hard to find the right time and person to pull the trigger with, end of the year not necessarily great across the board due to lower resids on outgoing models, depends on what dealer is willing to do. The CX5 doesn’t seem to get much in the way of incentives, guessing it’s because it’s their best seller, and yes, that’s a pretty big price jump to the turbo engine. The 6 seems to be leasing better, and while it’s very nice, as a tall person I personally find it a bit more difficult to get in and out of than other sedans, seems to invite more head bumps :wink:


Looking for a deal on the CX5 as well… grand touring… thanks!


Please pm me! Thanks


Pm the dealers it is possible to match it in NJ?


Same PM if NJ dealers can match


Hi Ed, looking for a CX5 - '18 or '19 - if you can help someone in CO.



I only know people in LA unfortunately


Hey I’m in sd, what are current 2019 grand touring leases looking like?


That’s a really good deal. Do you know if it’s for Florida residents only ?