Feedback on Macan Demo

Hey guys, I can’t make heads or tails of the numbers I’m getting for a '23 demo Macan (mileage is 6835) for a 12/15k. Hoping for someone to chime in on my confusion. Here’s a calculator link:

The dealer is quoting me $691 a month with $3664 DAS. I can’t figure out where their number came from. Also – is it not possible to pay the PFS bank fee up front? That seems to knock down the monthly substantially. What is wrong with my calculator setup?

You need to adjust the residual due to the demo miles. I don’t know how Porsche does this but it usually something like $0.25 per mile above 5K miles.It also looks like they included you paying the acq fee upfront.

Adjusting down the residual from 80% to 79.24% based on the mileage, and paying the PFS fee upfront I am getting $624/mo with $3525 DAS.

Here’s a calculator:

I don’t understand how the numbers are so far off (unless they’re burying something in there). I’d like to know if what I have in the calculator is what I should be offering dealerships or not.

This is the closest I can get the calculator. Looks like 50 bps markup on the rate for an ok 17.5% off.

Id aim for maybe 19% off with no markup on rate. Especially because 2023 lease support ends this month.

(PS: pro tip, ask to use acquisition waiver program that raises rate by 33 bps for $1095 off the fee. Saves about $50/mo. Also if you are able, go for a one pay that also saves another $75/mo)


This is extremely helpful. Thank you! What’s the MF on acquisition waiver? .0038375 = (8.88% + .33%)/2400?

So with doing the acquisition waiver, target 18% off MSRP, the residual change baked in, here’s where I am at.

+0.00033 to MF not .33%

It’d look like this, targeting 18% off, with Acq. Fee waiver, if they have trouble finding the info, lmk and I can PM you what to say so they can find it.


Does it matter if the car has been punched or can cpo lease on new car programs as well?

@HersheySweet if I wanted to just pay the acq fee upfront and not get hit with a higher MF, would it look like this?

Well IDK If they’ll give that discount without the MF bump, but if they did agree to that discount, then yes roughly.

So even with an unrealistic target it’s still close to $900 effective for a non-S demo Macan? Yikes

Well if we went off his proposal, at 18%, base, using Acq. fee waiver he’d be at 831 effective, but that’s semantics.

OP: Use the waiver in this case - it saves you money any way you do it, if you want to take this car, which I wouldn’t personally suggest.

I’m not generally shopping for best effective monthly (there’s far better leases than this if so), I’m targeting a Macan for a year with optionality for purchase at the end of the lease. With that said, I’d like a Macan for under $650 a month (mental comfort thing for me). Also deal is already at 17.42% off and I think I can push to 18-19% given lease support ending.

I’m waiting to see - I doubt it’ll end in November but I can be wrong.

Another thread mentioned '23 lease support ends at the end of the month but not sure.

I believe it was a broker thread and I’m starting to second guess the “inside” information. They pulled the same stunt awhile back on ending lease support for the MY23 Jeeps. Guess what, can still lease them today!

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30 cents per mile

That is news to me. There have not been any bulletins published stating that and it would be unusual for PFS to pull lease support this early given that it normally happens late Q1/early Q2.

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That was my initial reaction as well, from what I can recall had happened in the past. Nov. would be very early for them.

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Let’s just be candid that the optionality is worthless. Just due to human nature and because any decent lease needs the RV to be overestimated, leading to the car being underwater at the end.

If you’re going to buy it, buy it on day one. Skip the ace fee and the monstrous MF and the used car loan APR at the end. Take a new car APR on day one

If you just want a Macan for a year, then be opportunistic. Last year March.April was a great time for Macan leases. No guarantee what the future holds but why jump into a lease when the programs are at their worst since then?

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Program remained pretty much the same (from Feb/March).