Feedback on Macan Demo

Its opportunistic relative to my exact context. I had a car when the programs we’re good last year. I have a lease to turn in next month. So I have to play the game as it sits on the field.

Check out this broker’s thread in your region.

Have you test drove the car? If you’re not after effective payments maybe try to see if you like some of the other models like the S. There’s a huge difference in power (2.9v6tt), stopping power (much bigger brakes) and handling (pasm std). It’s not THAT much more than a well equipped base model.

I have :slight_smile: Perfectly happy with the power on the Macan base. I don’t wanna go totally overboard on the lease.

What’s the make, model and bank? Maybe there is a way to extend or get some money out of it.

BMWFS 330ix. I already extended 2 months and they won’t let me do more w/o ordering a new BMW. No equity on the lease.

Yea. True. You can’t find the same discounts on a S. And probably zero on GtS.

Well good luck. I’ve driven loaner macans. They are peppy and built real nice.

Ok not great news but at least it was worth asking and good sign you’ve done some due diligence.

If you like the Macan, buy it. 4-year ownership will cost way less than 4x 12m leases or a 12m lease followed by buyout.

Just be judicious with the options list because it can balloon very easily.

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The 2023 Macan has no cap on the max residual right now. Find a 72-75k one that is discounted into the 50s and it will lease very strong.

Where’d you get this from, there is a Maximum Residualized MSRP. 73.5k is MRM for base.

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2023s have a special bulletin that says they are uncapped even though the leasing programs show an MRM. The problem they will run into is the cap cost being lower than the RV.

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