Feedback on a 2019 bmw 530xi quote please


Loaner Car with 2181 miles on it
MSRP: $61650
Sales Price: $50117 (after $2250 lease credit and $2000 loyalty)
Customer Cash: $3450
Tax: $1989
Bank Fee: $925
Doc Fee: $75
Money Factor: .00145
Residual: 60%
Residual Value: 36,653.60
Miles: 10k for 36 months
Monthly Payment: $399
Total due at signing: $6860.21 which includes the first month payment; upfront charges of $3011.21 and Total cap Reduction of $7700 ($3450 from me and $4250 from rebates/incentives)

I ran the #'s on the calculator and it says that the monthly payment should be $304. So as you can see, there’s a $99 difference between the calculator and the dealer, so I’m trying to see if my inputs are wrong or if there’s room for negotiation with the dealer.

I’m in NY so taxes are due upfront.
Thanks so much!

What is the calculator link?

this is the calculator that I used on


for some reason i’m not able to paste the link…

I want to see your calculation

Hi Trustme,

I’ve re entered the #'s and I’m getting a different figure. Below are my inputs. Appreciate you checking it out for me.

Thanks so much!

OKAY thanks.

I’m not sure what the dealer is offering you since you didn’t provide the dealer paper quote, but based on what what initially posted it looks like its close to this:

As it stands now this is a poor deal. BMW loaner sedan models generally will come down to 17-22% off before incentives.

Since this model has only 2k miles. If you shoot for 22% then settle for down to 17% - should be still good.

If the car is totaled. You will not get this money back.

7 Multiple security deposits is not a down payment and recommended to get the interest rate down. You get this money back at the end.

Paying the acquisition fee upfront can also lower the overall cost.

This is what I think should be the bare minimum of what you should take.

If I was looking for a 530xi. I would sign up for a driving event and get an OL code and apply that to my incentives.

This is what I would hustle every dealer to get:

Lastly, this is what another LHer got recently:

that dude has 2k(maybe 3k)in incentives that some won’t get (1k college grad + 2k loyalty)

the loyalty can be minimized with 1k conquest but he still misses out on 2k in extra rebates, the effective payment of that dude is 300+ if he doesn’t qualify for that extra 2k in rebates.

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Thanks Trustme. Appreciate your input. Wish me luck!

Yup exactly every 1000 dollars in rebates is around 42 dollars a month on a 24 month lease, also getting to that 22% off msrp pre incentive was literally hell lol

but you got it though after all that hassle lol.

True haha :joy: taking delivery sat