Fed cut rates, will this benefit car leasing rates?

Just wondering, will this help the car leasing industry by driving the rates down?

Who knows. Even if rates goes down, but sales price goes up, does it matter?


Ask someone from 2008-2015 when rates were last at 0%

The Fed reduced the overnight rate at the discount window. The only captives who actually use that are BofA and Chase, who mark up their own rates to the manufacturers who use them as a lender.

Everyone wants a sale when there is blood in the streets. We aren’t there yet.

My GUESS (all it is): is that any deals won’t be in April, it will be BAU for another month before the dealers nag the manufacturers and captives to do something.

While all of you are stuck inside, consider some economics classes online through EdX or one of the other MOOCs.

Forget saving a few bucks on a car, the stock market is on sale right now. Buy Buy Buy.


I’ll wait until that knife stops falling to pick it up :rofl:


If your loading for retirement your going to be buying while it’s falling and rising…7-8% historical growth.

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I hope you were being funny because if you think stocks are on sale at these levels just wait !!!



The bull market is over. Bear market will be here for years!


Every few years some narrative gets pumped by the media to shake the weak off the trees. We will have our first trillionaire (sp) in the next five years if it didn’t happen in the last month already.

I’m buying and not advising others too, but I am.

Back in the last recession, American manufacturers all but stopped leasing altogether. I would suspect similar may happen this time around too, where purchase incentives increase and leasing dries up to some extent.

Will there be deals? Sure. They won’t be fire sale leases on each and every model that people here seem to expect though.

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We had a credit squeeze last recession - nobody wanted to lend or insure debt on autos.

As of now, we’re not in that type of problem. Banks are going to do what is profitable for them - hence fed rate is .25 and CC’s are still 15%+ :joy:

45 wants to throw money around like Zimbabwe (which previous presidents have done too), so let’s see where this takes us.


Hopefully CLX otherwise your new positions are bleeding

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Took inovio for a ride last week had a few positions around $4-5, then United federal foods had a nice run for me.

Otherwise I pump my $475 a month into Roth as per the usual and loading on my taxes ETFs as well.

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you can NEVER predict the top or bottom… best way statistically speaking to stagger the buys…

So don’t read the media then…analyze the market itself and it will tell you it’s heading for recession. I have been a VIX trader for years now…it’s all i do on the market…market sentiment and psychology is all i care about…could not care less about what the new news is. If you think this is overblown just wait until the recession starts…this is just the panic before the storm. If you wanna buy, wait until everyone hates the market…that’s your buy signal.


I’m not trying to get all doom and gloom here, but this could potentially be worse than 2008. Granted, this is all speculation at this point, but businesses are closing. Restaurants, casinos, nightclubs, bars, entertainment venues, etc…all employ low wage workers who are now out (or soon will be) out of work. These people are going to struggle. Likewise, since most of these operations are closed (closing), people aren’t spending money, and tax revenue will sharply decline. Many others will be furloughed because people aren’t spending discretionary income on these entertainment/hospitality venues. Think about it, hotels, airlines, cruises, trains…each of these, along with their employees, are going to get crushed.

These 2 week closures are likely to extend longer…making the situation even worse for these people. I have no doubt in my mind we are going into at least a pre-recession era (hopefully a short and sweet one that doesn’t spiral into a full recession). That’s just the USA. The rest of the world is going to suffer with this as well, which will also directly and indirectly affect us. Fewer business open means fewer factories humming because there are fewer people to buy.

The market is still tanking. 45’s ticket to re-election, once thought to be a slam dunk due to the weak competition, is in serious limbo. That was his selling point. The last 4 years is almost wiped out.

This has financial catastrophe written all over it. I sure hope I’m wrong, but it doesn’t look promising.


I agree with most of your analysis, except for the tax revenue part. Remember, the bottom 38% pay almost no income tax, so tax losses from losing low-income jobs is not that high. However, the impact to GDP and to the economy is likely to be staggering.
Thing is, 2 weeks is not going to solve it if we only partially shut down things. It seems like most of the country is going about business as usually, so this would be lingering on. We are peeling the bandage slowly. We should do a 2 week all-stop, and provide credit facility to the low-income folks so that they can have their heating/cooling on.

I was more referring to sales tax, which will affect all local governments. Those low income folks are still paying sales tax on purchases.