Favorite sub $300 hack?

Just wondering if any of the experienced hackr’s have a favorite hack under $300 per month (pref luxury sedan) , zero drive off. Trying to figure out what to hunt for my little brother. He’s looking at 33-36/7.5k miles, he’s in Denver and I’m in Cleveland so that may pose my only challenge beside what to start on haha.

Try looking at the IS200t.
Maybe Infiniti q50 could be a good choice as well

$42.80 more than 300 but worth it for 61k of luxury

I’m in a jeep Cherokee limited for $299 month including taxes in MN. It’s the 4 banger engine which is pretty slow, but coming from an Audi I feel like I got a great value. I used incentives and rebates to get $8,500 off msrp.

Since your saying, “that’s not a luxury car,” I’ll share with you some of the features (for the last 9 years I drove an Audi A6 Quattro with a 4.2 v8 so I feel fine comparing). Heated seats, Napa leather (super soft… sorta like my buddies volvo s90 exec), heated steering wheel, 4wd, awesome infotainment, flat load floor and good mpg (averaging 24.5 in daily mixed driving) with 87 octane.

Hope this helps!