Fart Car Deal: Volvo S60 T5 Inscription

Aloha Hackrs - wanted to run this by you. I know I can do better, question is on what front do I need to negotiate? This is for a S60 T5 Inscription with almost 4500 miles. It’s red with a blond interior, has premium, advanced & multimedia packages, and heated seats/steering wheel. Flyover state region.

This is the initial offer so I know I can find some additional savings here, just not sure where to ask for it. If you have trouble reading it due to blurry resolution lmk and I will write out the number you need here.

I’m assuming the MF is .00044 (was discussed in prior email correspondence, but will ask for clarification). I have also requested the carfax, since this has close to 5k miles. Allowances should be $4550 per website/edmunds, getting clarification on that too. Here’s the calculator for it:

If I can get the total cost of the lease close to $13k I’m thinking that I should be all over this.

Advice on whether to ask for all the drive-off’s to be eliminated, or ask for the monthly to be brought down closer to $300, or a combination thereof? I’d be ok with up to ~$2,000 in MSD, but don’t want to have any down payments - worth proposing that or nah? One-Pay Lease isn’t viable for me at the moment, but the dealer asked if it was - is that a good sign? Makes me think they are wanting cold hard cash at the moment.

They don’t care. The money goes to the bank, not the dealer.

Best place to start here is by baselining the deal. What incentives are being applied? Just the volvo allowance? Or do you have Costco, first responder, loyalty, conquest, etc?

Is .00044 buy rate?

I don’t have first responder status. I was not a Costco member as of May 1, and in any event the current Costco special doesn’t apply to the S60 anyway - just wagons and SUV’s. I would not qualify for first responder, military or loyalty (normal civilian with a Honda here). Dealer allowance is $2250.

So assuming the 2250 allowance is the only incentive being applied, and they’ve dropped from a 45,290 MSRP to a $33,500 sale price, that means they shaved 11,790 off the MSRP (broken down into the 2250 allowance and a further 9540 after that).

The .00044 is the rate I got on Edmunds. I’ve asked for the carfax for now; so long as that’s decent, I’ll counteroffer and as part of that ask these guys to follow up with a more detailed breakdown showing buy rate=sell rate on MF.

My main question here is, what do I ask for on the counter? Wipe out all DAS? Stick with the current DAS but push for ~300/month? Or some combo thereof?

Are you trying to ask for a further reduction in price by changing the das amount or are you just wanting to limit risk/cash out of pocket by changing the das amount?

$2250, not $4550 as above?

edit: definitely $4550

Puts you at 16% pre-incentive. That’s a pretty solid discount for a loaner, although a little more room wouldn’t be unheard of. Calculator isn’t adding up right though, so let me see if I can figure out where the disconnect is.

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Looks like part of the disconnect in the calculator is Ok appears to tax upfront the entire selling price (well, $20 on the first $1500 of the selling price and then 3.25% of the balance of the selling price), so that changes thing. I’m also not sure where they’re accounting for the loaner mileage penalty in their calculation.

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There is no multimedia package on Inscription

Thanks. That’s where I’m lost too. I think they’re not really accounting for it much past the reduced sale price. And that $400 ADP Fee is basically a fantasy charge, from what I’ve read, so going to ask them to drop that too. Found the CarFax online, seems solid.

This thing has 4488 miles, which is almost 1/6 of the lease mileage already gone. At $0.25/mi that works out to $1,122. So asking 393/month is pretty rich. The sale price listed in that doc is $33,500 and the residual is still $23,551 (based on 52% of MSRP). 33500-23551 = $9,949, which split over 36 months is $276.36/month. Tell me if I’m crazy, but is countering with 276/mo and only taxes due at signing a reasonable counter?

@Ursus correct, thanks. I’d been looking at Momentum’s before this, Inscription seems to include just about all the same stuff that a momentum would get with the multimedia. Honestly not super concerned with the minor details of the interior.

That’s not how that works.

Volvo levies a mileage penalty onto the lease. This can show up as a reduced rv, be directly taken out of the discount, or be itemized on the contract. You get the full amount of miles that the lease is for, the counter just starts at 4488 miles. If you do a 36/10k lease, when you turn the lease in, it needs to be under 34488 miles.


This doesn’t include any fees or mf.

Base Inscription is nicer than loaded MOM, IMO. You get Harman Kardon standard, for one.

It is $0.20/mile penalty, but you will pay $0.25 for overage at turn in


Got it, thanks both. New to leasing, thought it had to be turned in at/under 30k. Thanks for calling me out on my mistake @mllcb42! And totally agree the Inscription is the nicer overall package @Ursus, do you drive one?

Ok so in my response email I’m about to pen, asking for:

  • Let’s drop the ADP
  • Please show me the MF (buy rate and sell rate, please)
  • Please break down the $4550 of incentives and other discounts into each respective line item, showing how we get from the MSRP to 33,500 sale price you’re showing me here. Please also note which are taxed and untaxed.
  • Please show me where/how the $0.20/mi penalty for existing mileage is applied to this loaner
  • The 393/mo works out to $14,148 over 36 months. That on top of the 23,551 residual brings the effective price up to 37,699, which is quite a lot more than the 33,500 sale price quoted. can we break this down closer to 33500-23551 = 9949 ? I understand you’ve gotta add MF back to the equation.

Look this up on Edmunds and ask for that.

This is deducted from RV.

Either they have a down payment or a ton of fees. A breakdown of the deal, discount, etc. is needed.

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I’d really recommend you step back and spend some time reading through the leasing 101 section, particularly the one on calculating a lease.


Yes, 19 S60 T5 Inscription.

  • don’t ask to show MF, ask them to use buy rate MF
  • $4,550 is Volvo allowance, there is nothing to break down there. They will apply what needs to be taxed to taxed incentives.
  • You don’t care about where and how they apply penalty, but the amount will be properly deducted from the RV amount.
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Ok great. thanks so much everyone, this has been helpful.

@ursus Is $400 standard for a dealer fee with volvo?

No, it depends on state. Some limit it, some don’t. Can be $75 or $900 and anything in between.

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Ok gotcha. I wrote back asking for MF of .00044 and a breakdown of how discounts/incentives are applied to get from the MSRP down to 33500. They basically responded with “take it or leave it”,without elaborating on the numbers.