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Please excuse if this is in the wrong place, but I just spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to post on this site period, so I’ll be thankful for anywhere it ends up (no clue where the 2 years later comes from).

I’m wondering if anyone else has ever had this issue.

I leased an Elantra two years ago and my traffic citations have been going to Hyundai Finance (I haven’t come across anyone else this has happened to, so I know it isn’t a typical set up - it’s a matter of screwed up paperwork). They have been blindly paying them without questioning their validity and billing me for them

Now whatever it says in my lease regarding this, I don’t even need to pull it out to know what it DOESN’T say. It doesn’t say I waive the rights that come with a citation, i.e. to contest them. It doesn’t say I give anyone power of attorney to admit guilt on my behalf (which is exactly what they’re doing - it says so right on the tickets). I have to question if what they’re doing is even legal.

I wrote a letter - knowing that no one of importance would be at this generic p.o. box address on the envelopes - telling them I am not going to reimburse them a penny for any citation for which I was denied my right to contest. And despite projecting about what lies ahead - collection agencies, credit reporting - I’m not going to budge from that stance.

It irks me how unnecessary this all is. There are date stamps on a couple of the tickets indicating that they just get shuffled from office to office for 2-3 weeks until they’re paid - time during which they could be sending them to me and I could be contesting them (I’m nearly certain two of them I could have gotten dismissed).

I know if I could just get a letter into the hands of someone with the proper combination of authority, reasoning skills and scruples, they’d see what an injustice this is. I just can’t seem to wade through the bureaucracy to find out who that is.

Any lawyers out there who can point me in the right direction?

Apologies for lack of brevity - it’s not my strong suit.


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Hello, my apologies, I don’t see how I am able to start a new thread. Is there a minimum posting requirement before new users are able to post threads?

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Having this problem too!

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I unfortunately can’t figure out how to post either!

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How do you post to this site?!

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I am unable to post

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How can I post to the marketplace?

How do I post? I have fulfilled the reading time requirement already.

Same issue, this is so weird.

UNDERSTOOD, THIS SITE IS AWESOME. THANK YOU! :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

How do I make a post?

How does one start a new topic here? I found this via a google search.

I’m having the same issue as well… I’ve finished my reading requirements and can’t seem to get to a screen to ask about a lease on a 2019 Cadillac XT5’s current Money Factor, Residual and Lease Credit information in zip 77373 (Spring, Texas)… I want to use the research calculator before going to the dealership.

I dont see an answer to the question, how do we post a new thread?

im wondering if there’s an issue with the site. ive read 30+ articles and waited well over the 5 minute limit, and still unable to post new topics

If any one figures out how to post a new thread… let me know,. I’m, like everyone, trying to get advice on a lease. Thanks!

can you tell me how to post a new thread? There is no option and its not in the faq and i’ve spent hours on the site since signing up.

thank you.

Right now, the benchmark for new users is to have spent at least 10 minutes, entered at least 10 topics, and read at least 25 posts before the new user can create his/her first post. This mechanism is in place to prevent bots and the increasing duplicate questions. This posting guide can be a helpful reference. Thank you for your understanding.