Fair.com sold leases to CFAM Financial Services - anyone else still a Fair customer

I’m on the same boat. I would even buy the car that I leased from them and set up payments, but can’t get anyone on the phone and no money was puled from my acc using automatic payment.

CA Fair lessee here. All the same things happened to us - auto payments stopped even though the Fair site says auto payments wouldn’t stop. We’ve now arranged with CFAM to have the car picked up by a company called Runbuggy. Fingers crossed.

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Keep us posted! How were you able to request to turn in the car just by calling their customer service? everything is so shady and weird - I wonder what the process will be like.

I also had a leased vehicle with Fair, now taken over by CFAM Financial Services. When the initial take over happened by CFAM, I was already on automatic payments with Fair and there were no issues with CFAM withdrawing the monthly payments these past few months. But I no longer wanted to keep the car, I called to ask about breaking the lease. According to (2) separate employees, they are accepting returns at the moment without penalty. I coordinated a pick up of the vehicle for today. They sent a contractor through RunBuggy to have the car picked up from my location. I’m curious to see what the final bill will be…According to the tow truck driver, he will be taking the vehicle to an auction lot. I will post an update once I hear from CFAM.

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So i called the number that was provided to contact CFAM and the customer service was good. I gave my credit card info as the auto payment was not happening. They setup the autopayment and also asked me if i wanted a copy of my lease agreement. I said yes, and now i should be receiving it to my email id soon. They re-iterated that everything i had with Fair will be the same including maintenance and returns and refunds. Hope this is helpful!


Let us know when you get the final bill! I called to return my Fair vehicle in June, and RunBuggy failed to pick up my vehicle twice. After complaining to CFAM, they finally got a tow truck out. My tow truck driver also told me the vehicle would be taken to auction.

CFAM said not to pay the last bill and to wait for the final bill after they inspect and evaluate the vehicle for damage.
I have not heard from CFAM about the final bill 40 days after the vehicle was returned. I can attest there was no damage, judging by the standards in the normal wear and tear in the original contract. Also, interestingly, the auction value of the vehicle is actually worth more now than when I started the lease, due to inflation. But that is irrelevant.

Let’s stay in touch about our experiences closing out the CFAM contract. I’m afraid CFAM’s expertise is in collections and vehicle repossessions, so they may drop the ball on their side to make it as difficult as possible to close out a contract, so that they may try and make unfair claims. That’s why I would like to hear from others on their experiences.

Returned my car 52 days ago, and have not received a final bill. They are still charging me a “subscription” fee despite my having requested they cancel the subscription when my car was returned 52 days ago.

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I have a FAIR lease also. Its going on 4 years. I didn’t have any gaps or issues in auto payments when the lease transferred. But I’ve been meaning to turn the car in for a while now. I’ve been dragging my feet. Im interested to hear how that goes for others. I have some repairs I wanted to make and am wondering what people’s experience is with final payments. I’ll also post my experience when I turn it in. I think it’s great that this forum exists because I honestly was caught off guard by the transfer.


I have had Fair payments on autopay for 2 years. I was never notified of sale to cfam. On Aug 4th I received a letter from cfam, introducing themselves and stating I owed 4 months. I called immediately and was told my bank info did not transfer with the sale of my account. No problem, I ask for a manager to be sure their error does not show delinquency, late fees, or credit reporting. He emails me to assure me there is no penalty. I make the full $1861 payment. Shows as $0 due, bank shows rec’d payment. Don’t think about it again. Days later, on a Saturday night, the repo guy grabs my car. Even showing him all emails of apologies from manager and payment cleared, he cant do anything.

Fast forward to Monday, they can’t find my car, manager won’t speak (only through receptionist who has no clue what the process is to get my car back). Several emails go unanswered. I get a call that I can contact tow yard, but no one knows if paperwork sent to allow me to pick up or who is to pay for fees and storage. The receptionist has no answers and actually hangs up on me.

I will be hiring an attorney for improper repossesion now. The entire thing was like dealing with children and absolutely not professional. They now have my money and my car due to no fault of my own. Horrible experience.



We just experienced the exact same thing.

We have filed a police report as they broke into our locked apartment building garage and took our car. Have you engaged an attorney?


This happened to me today as well. I am absolutely livid, I can barely wrap my head around this situation. What world are we living in?!!! I too will be seeking damages and will post updates.


GRRRR for you!! I feel like this is about to happen to me… after trying to reach fair for not charging me… and wanting to just return the vehicle to no avail I just received my “default” letter… Are they coming for me… I feel like the best option is to just see if they will pick up the car. please keep us all updated on your process… something extremely fishy about this situation.

Don’t be so passive about it. Be aggressive and proactive.


Is anyone getting bills in the mail or anything. I don’t think they are aloud to not send any bills and then take cars.

It seems people may not be getting final bills because the values went up. Lease companies like to send bills for depreciation and wear and tear… Think about it. Theyre looking for angle to charge you.

Hi from CA!

I signed up with Fair in March of 2021 for a 3 year lease hoping for an option to buy which they send they were working on. I only JUST received a letter from CFAM marked august 31,2022 that my payments have been missed since April and if I do not pay within ten days of the date marked then my car will default.
I received the letter 12 days after the date on the letter.
Frantically I went on the website and payed the overdue amount which now I am wondering if I should have. Will it have effected my credit if it defaulted? Im thinking yes. But now I’m also realizing I paid this website I’ve never visited before a lot of money. Not sure what to do from here.


WHAT?!? They BROKE IN???
Are you certain it was CFAM??

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I got my “final bill” from CFAM around 90 days after returning my car and requesting a final bill and my contract terminated. As you say, the vehicle was actually worth significantly more than what it was when I started leasing it three years ago. My final bill was for about $100, and their support confirmed for me via email that it was my final bill.

However, a week later, they sent me ANOTHER final bill for $50 as a reoccurring monthly subscription fee, which they say I owe for the final month from three months ago. I could have argued it, since it’s actually their fault they didn’t pick up my car on time as scheduled, and they had already confirmed my prior bill was the final one. Sending a second “final” bill is unacceptable. I just wanted to be done with them and paid it.

We are all on this forum because we all have the same sense that CFAM is shady. They’re a repo company and will likely use shady tactics, such as improper handling of billing, to claim debt on people and also repossess the cars (which have now appreciated in value). They do not care about user ratings and reviews.

Best of luck to you all. I’ll report back here if they send any more incorrect bills. (I returned my car >3 months ago and paid my “final” bill and another “final” bill already).

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from what others are saying, they will take it anyway. I called and they said after 45 days late they may repo.

I wondering if we can do a class action lawsuit about this. When I got my final bill they are charging me over 1k to take the car!!! I put 1K down when I first got the car 3 years ago when FAIR was still a thing. I also tried to get a hold of the company FOR MONTHS when they switched to CFAM and was told originally that all my information was suppose to transfer over. I JUST NOW received my final bill and they are asking for $4,768.53 >:/ This is the most frustrating thing.