Fair.com sold leases to CFAM Financial Services - anyone else still a Fair customer

Hello Hackrs - I probably the only one who still has a car leased from Fair.com.
I had been waiting to hear back from them about a repair and two weeks ago their voicemail said they would be unavailable for a week.

Last week I got this email:

We would like to thank you for being a Fair customer and notify you that your existing subscription/lease contract and the Fair Titling Trust, which owns the vehicle subscribed/leased to you, were sold to CFAM Financial Services, LLC
and/or its affiliates (“CFAM”).

Effective April 29th, 2022, CFAM will support your subscription/lease agreement. This transfer does not affect the terms and conditions of your contract, other than those terms that are directly related to Fair Servicing, LLC or Fair Rideshare Servicing, LLC’s ownership of the agreement.

There is no info about who is covering the warranty. Does anyone else still have a Fair.com car?

I had been thinking about turning in the car anyways.

Has anyone else dealt with CFAM. There is almost no info about them on the website.

Just thought I’d see if anyone else is in the same boat.


I spoke to CFAM and they are getting up to speed. The woman I spoke with was very helpful. Still waiting to hear if they will cover my repair. But CFAM was not a black hole.

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I have a car from Fair, very confusing I’m trying to
Make a payment and the app doesn’t work or they won’t answer

They are not answering calls on the support ph number provided 833-387-6677.
Is there any other way to reach CFAM Financial Services

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I attempted to make a payment since they have not auto deducted from my account and still nothing has been taking out 20 days later.

Cfam is a debt collector and from my understanding their game plan seems that they want us to default and will say we didn’t pay while they don’t take from our accounts.
If they want the car back they can just say so. When I called to give them my payment info I even asked the person on the phone if we can purchase the vehicle and he seemed angry I asked. It was really weird behavior and I really don’t like the company at all.


Thanks for the update.
I was also going to ask about buying the car.
This is frustrating. Fair was great until this.

If you trade in the car from Fair.com what are you going to look at? I’ve been shopping for a new lease and it is so expensive.

Considering Fair is gone, I don’t think a ‘trade in’ is possible anymore.

Ooops. I should have said turn in, not trade in.

I have a car with Fair and have been having the same issue. I cannot get anyone on the phone. They did not take my auto payment and now my payment is due again. I try and call the number given and no one answers. What are we to do in this situation?

I’ve called this number and spoken with the same person, Ms. Garcia, both times - 1-833-387-6677.

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I’m glad I found this forum although I’ve never been on it. I’ve had a Fair car since 2018 and am in the same position - they didn’t charge me in April and my payment is about to be due again. I have tried calling the CFAM number but it counts you down to the first caller then starts counting your minutes back up into an abyss. It’s insane. How is this legal?? I can’t access the original contract agreement, proof of excess wear and tear payments, anything anymore. I am planning to turn the car in because of this handover - Fair was already a nightmare to deal with anytime I had to - but how??? I agree they will likely try to not charge us on autopay then try to claim we owe them.

This is honestly outrageous. I am furious.

Also curious what state everyone is in? It seems like they weren’t operating in many places anymore? I’m in CA.

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Channel that into calling the Consumers Affairs Dept and/or AG’s office.


Hello everyone from New Jersey

I have a car with Fair and I received the same letter that my account was being transferred to CFAM and I don’t have to worry my auto payments will continue. They never took my monthly payment and my car needs a new registration. I tried calling 833-387-6677 and 800-901-7420 no luck just waiting in the que. My registration expired 4/2022 the inspection sticker in my window expired 5/22 . Without the registration I can’t go through motor vehicle inspection to get an updated sticker. So technically Im driving illegally at know fault of my own…If anyone can help I’m all ears!..

Has anyone been able to make a payment. The CSR told me there system has a glitch and is not accepting debit cards for payment, but did I want to give my checking acct number and pay that way. I said NO, She said they should be up next week. They have not auto debited since April- what is going on. Now I call, I’m in CA and they are closed, but gave me Payment.cfam.llc to make a payment- and there you can only enter your checking account number. They are a collection agency- how can they not take debit cards??

It may be worth it to open a checking account at separate bank and keep just enough money for them to debit the payments…obv you do not want overdraft protection in this case. Transfer X from primary checking every month.

Why tf is no one calling the Attorney General in their state?


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I’m having the same issue. CFAM hasn’t charged a payment for May or June. Following this thread to see if anyone finds out what’s going on.

You need to understand that LH cannot do anything in a situation like this. You need to take action, as stated above by @max_g

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Im trying to figure out what is going on as well. Ive had my fair car for 4-5 years and am wondering if its still the same turn in by 6 year mark? Like who do we turn it in to and who do we contact if we have questions aboug turning in or buying car? I just dont want to be trapped. This is insane. Anyone have any insight??