Fair App - any good?


Happy Friday, Hackrs! Vince from Fair here. To kick off your Labor Day weekend, we’re offering a new discount code: Leasehackr250 that gives Hackrs $250 off the start payment! Please note: Discount is valid until 9/30/18 and does not apply to our rideshare partner program.

And if you haven’t checked out the app yet, it’s available on Android and iOS:



Happy Hacking,



You probably need to register on LH and create your own thread since you target this audience.


Hi does leasing a car with fair help your credit in someway?


Hey @Grisp88 - That’s a very good question that I unfortunately don’t have an answer for! You can shoot your inquiry over to friends@fair.com and they might be able to find an answer for you.


Why would it help any more than regularly paying off any other auto related loan?


@VinceFromFair are there any other promo codes that you have for the start payment? I am new to fair and would love to give it a try and refer many of my friends who are asking about it, but I thought an associate of yours was offering $1000 off of the start payment earlier in this forum. It would be much appreciated if you can provide the same deal.


Hey, @Carluv -

$250 is the best promotion we have at this time - It’s actually the highest discount off of start payment that we’ve had in recent months. Unfortunately the $1,000 off code that Shaan had shared expired a long time ago.


@VinceFromFair okay, thank you!


With the start price is that all I would have to pay to pick up the car, or would I have to have the first month and money for registration available too?


Hey @GokuJuice, sorry for the late reply. The first monthly payment is due 30 days from the date you take delivery of your Fair Vehicle. The registration costs are included in the monthly payment, so I think the amount you pay to pick up the car are the start payment, optional add-ons like Fair Insurance, and any applicable taxes. But please email friends@fair.com to confirm, as different rules may apply per region


@VinceFromFair can you purchase a car in any region? I live in the Philadelphia region and I see that the selection of cars varies from region to region and was wondering if there is a way that I can view and possibly purchase a car that is in the New Jersey region?


Hi @Carluv -

Currently, you can browse cars from other regions, but you won’t be able to acquire one.


Hi Friends,

All I was looking for was a car to use for 1 or 2 months. So I downloaded the app and started browsing for cars. The cars which i found on website before downloading app were not seen after I downloaded the app.
Also I can only filter it to state not to the local zip.
I looked for a Honda accord, and with down payment of $1000 or more I can get it for 200 per month. So if I return it after using for only month, then I would have paid $1200 for one month. The same car if i rent from Enterprise or similar service providers i will get for $750 per month.
Thus this fair is good for people who want to try driving new models of car and are ready to spend that much amount for driving them for 2-3 months or more. For example if you rent some car which is priced at $50,000 or more which you wont be buying but want to drive.
I am not a big car expert, I just got my Driving Licence, my husband takes the car to office so I wanted to rent one and take kids out during day time and get used to driving. But if I am going out around 10 times in a month, I can as well rent a UBER.

I would have definitely got one from fair, if downpayment was zero, or was like a security deposit which you would get back.


Hey shaan.

I have a concern. If I lease a car pay the start payment, but after a while, for some reason, I want to try another one. Do I need to pay the start payment again?


I believe the answer is “YES”.


Hey @Dongchang_Chen -

As @songshan311 said, yes, another start payment would apply if you were to get into another vehicle.


@care4car -

Thank you for your input. I will pass your feedback on to the marketing department.


I see a few potential problems using FAIR.

  1. The reps have been useless. They have no idea what they are saying. Don’t trust them. They have misled me several times already.

  2. You have to repair all collision damage prior to return or get charged. (Item 6 in the Contract). That presumably means you need to go over every inch before taking possession and photograph damage.

  3. You pay all “operating costs, which includes items brake pads and tires”. So you’d better get the car inspected and determine how much tread and pad thickness is left, along with checking the rotors and anything else that could need changing. This could end up being a PR nightmare for them if enough people get screwed. They should guarantee these kinds of parts are good for at least 10,000 miles.

  4. You must follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. So if you get a car that is very close to, say, a major maintenance milestone like 30,000 miles, that’s on you. They will only pay for $70 of a service, twice per year.

  5. You pay for excess wear, including “Inoperative mechanical and electrical parts…any tires with less than 1/8” tread remaining or not part of a matching set of 4".

  6. They can tell you where to drop the car and if it means you have to ship it, you pay for that, too.

  7. Mandatory Arbitration Clause.

In short, buyer beware.


Items 2-5 seems fair to me. :joy:

Item 1 - I’ve never contacted them, so don’t have any comment.

Item 6 - Need more details. Surely they can’t be unreasonable and have you drop it off (or ship it) somewhere far away.

Item 7 - Mandatory arbitration for what?


Is there any promo codes going on right now?