Fair App - any good?


My current deal is $260 + tax for 2017 Crosstrek 2.0i Limited with $324 OOP with coupon, and month to month no minimum lease term.

My first deal, which I returned within the first 3 days no questions asked, was $240 + tax for a 2017 Crosstrek 2.0i Premium with $528 OOP with coupon and month to month no minimum term.


When are you coming to FL/ NJ ?


Hey SeanB – just wanted to let you know that we launched a Geo Filter in our app to narrow down inventory to a more comfortable radius. Let me know if you have any questions!


When is the Android app coming out approximately?

I am still on the fence.


Android will be available sometime this Feb. Until then, you can also use an iPad to get a car with Fair :slight_smile:


Just noticed the FAIR app is available for Android users.


Looks like an interesting service if they ever expand out of CA.


Just ordered a car last week still havent heard back from them yet. The price is pretty much the same as the new one if u can find a avg hackr pricing. The only benefit is flexibility as I seen so far.


You selected a car in the App and they have not gotten back with you? Is the car you want still showing as available? I had to wait two days to get the car I selected because they were a new dealer and had to get trained, but they did keep me updated via emails and phone calls because they wanted to give me a time and day to pick up the vehicle and not come too early. That was my 2nd FAIR car. My first one was ready the next day since they were more experienced with the process.

I would follow up with the concierge at the main telephone number or email. I keep saving cars to my favorites (click on heart) in the app because I like to save vehicles I think are good deals (usually hybrids or luxury vehicles) or newer than the Subaru I am currently driving, but they become unavailable VERY quickly, I am not sure if it is because the dealer is selling it themselves or if someone is used the FAIR app to “rent” it, but now that Android is available it might become more competitive. I think it is a great way to try out a car without commitment. I am very happy, but I still look for lease deals or a good purchase price.


Hey @Stevn0816 really sorry to hear about that delay!

Please email me (shaanr@fair.com) and we’ll expedite ASAP.


Shawn, do you have any plans to expand to NY/NJ area?


Hey @rubbb8768 – definitely happening in 2018 but can’t say when, yet. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter on Fair.com for updates!


Any plans for expanding to DC/VA/MD in the near future?


Does the start payment includes first mo payment ?


I used a coupon for my start payment $700 per the app. Try the coupon FAIRFRIENDS or Shaan has one too, to save up to $1000.00 on the start payment. Then I had a payment of $343.60 when I signed in the app (either comes from back account or debit card) which was for the first monthly payment and the tax, fees, and registration, including the taxes on the Start Payment per Shaan.


Hey @seekallpossibilities and @Stevn0816:

Fair monthly payments occur in arrears. So, your Start Payment is the price to get you in the car (billed immediately) and then you’ll be billed for the first month at the beginning of the second month.

Please reach out to friends@fair.com with questions about payments!

Promo Code SHAANR100 offers $1,000 off Start Payment and expires 2/28/18. Promo doesn’t apply to taxes, fees, registration, or monthly payments. Promo excludes rideshare partner programs.

Please reach out to me (shaanr@fair.com) with questions!


Can I use a credit card? only saw bank account and debit


Thanks for clarifying the payment.


I only saw the option to use my bank account or debit card for my start payment and associated new account fees. But I do see that you can use a credit card to make your monthly payments. You just have to call them or email to set up after you pick up your car. To make your initial payments with a credit card, you might need to call or email to clarify this ability.


Thanks, I will check with them later