Fair App - any good?


I love this idea. I hope it works out, and if more people start using the service they’ll have a better selection and hopefully can get the prices down a bit.


Just missed this! Is there a Nov code?


Hey, @kani! You can still use my code for $500 off start payment – but hurry! it expires soon. (only applies to start payment, doesn’t include taxes/fees/registration/monthly payments).

Please feel free to email me if you ever have questions: shaanr /at/ fair /dot/ com


hey, all! in case anyone here is still car shopping: Fair is offering $750 off Start Payments until the end of November! just use promo code CYBERMONDAY in the app :slight_smile:

stuff the lawyers want me to say: promo does not discount taxes, fees, registration. monthly payments apply.


Hi Shaan,

I took a pretty close look at fair website and offering. Great concept but the start initial deposit is over the top expensive to try this service and recommend. Do you have any codes like you had for black Friday?


Seems interesting. How does this work for insurance if you rotate out cars every few months? You just have to keep notifying the change in vehicle to your insurer and pay whatever the new premium is (assuming they prorate and don’t get pissed off at you for always changing cars)?


Hey Jc888, will DM you :slight_smile:


That’s correct. You can also get insurance from Fair right in the app :slight_smile:

Most people probably won’t be switching cars that frequently as you’d have to pay a Start Payment each time you get a new car. This is still probably cheaper than renting cars for several months at a time, so definitely feasible.


Hi @shaan. I’m up for giving fair a try, but none of the promo codes you’ve posted seem to be working here anymore. Have an updated one?


Also, @shaan, I am in West LA and looking at getting a Leaf or another green car and they all seem to be located 50+ miles away. Any way for me to not have to drive to the current location to pick up the vehicle? Thanks!



Hey Sean,

Please arrange with our Concierge team; they may be able to find a similar car closer to you.


@shaan I’m interested in trying out Fair, but wondering if you still have promo codes available still.


Anyone here on LH can tell me if a deal on fair.com is good or not? First, the carfax says it was a rental before it was auctioned off in another state and is now at a Subaru dealer here in the LA area. Should this scare me away - the rental part. Secondly, can someone tell me if the lease price is “fair”?

This is the car https://www.edmunds.com/subaru/crosstrek/2017/vin/JF2GPABC0HH248044/ and on the Fair app the monthly lease is $240 plus tax 9.5% = $263.00

I also used Shaan’s promo code so I don’t have to pay the $800 start payment (thanks Shaan!).

I am interested in using Fair to avoid locking into a 2-3 year lease. Thank you.


I’ve purchased two used cars from Hertz in the past. Both were perfectly fine. I would not let that be a deal killer.

I’ve been looking at Fair as well. My sense is that it may not be the best deal possible, but you are getting a good deal with incredible flexibility.


Thank you. I did pick up the vehicle from the dealership today. Very easy transaction. I signed my name in the app and drove off after they explained all the vehicle gadgets and hooked up my phone and spotify. No dealership paperwork at all. Yes, I could have leased a new 2018 Crosstrek 2.0i base for $199/month for 36 months with $1,979 as posted on the Subaru website (or tried for a leasehackr deal) but for $30 more a month, I like the incredible flexibility as you say (and a couple of key upgrades with the Crosstrek 2.0i premium). I recommend the Fair.com app.


So I just wanted to update LH on my Fair experience. I picked up the car linked above on Sunday. At the dealership I saw some things that I thought I could live with, and then the next day, I noticed more things that bothered me. So because I know I can cancel within 3 days of picking up the vehicle, I called Fair and let them know I wanted to return the vehicle. They told me I can only use the return within 3 days rule once every 12 months so I should be sure when I select my next vehicle, that I want to keep the next one at least a week (you can change your mind with a 5 day notice). So I spent Monday looking and test driving other vehicles until I found the one I was willing to keep a week for real.

Anyway, I just wound up with the same kind of car but upgraded the trim level. Also, I decided to avoid vehicles that were first titled as rental cars, even if they are CPO, look hard at the paint to see if any possible body work not showing on Carfax, and finally, I suggest testing your phone and the charging and audio/app settings. The first vehicle would not charge my phone nor could I see my songs playing via Spotify - I could hear them fine through the system, but the screen only showed the first song that played when attached - this was annoying. These seem fixed in the second vehicle I selected as the entertainment system is a bit upgraded. I learned to search the dealer websites for the cars listed on the Fair app and paid more attention to the Carfax dates, services, titling, etc.

Anyway, so far I am very impressed with the customer service of the Fair concierge team members. I am sure I am a pain in the ass, but they made it easy for me to just return and reselect, and I am grateful that I did not have to be stuck with a purchase that I was already regretting. It is worth trying out for sure if you are at lease end and unsure about getting into another 3 year commitment, or like me at lease end and about to be an empty nester so only need bigger vehicle until August and then I can scoop up a sexy coupe once the kid is gone to college.

2018 Subaru Crosstrek Lease - Good Lease?

So can we assume that your FairApp deal was for the 2018 Crosstrek 2.0i Premium at around $229/month with 1979 down ?


Shaan, Do you have any promo codes for the New Year?


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Hi Leasehackr Friends!

First, a warm thank you for the discussion and reviews of Fair – we really appreciate the honest feedback!

Today we are live across all of CA, notably including the SF Bay Area, Sacramento, San Diego, and of course Los Angeles.

Please feel free to use promo code SHAANR100 for up to $1,000 off your Start Payment (expires 2/28/18). This promo does not cover monthly payments or taxes, fees, and registration.

As always, feel free to email me with questions: shaanr@fair.com

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