Fair App - any good?


Has anyone tested the FAIR price guarantee yet? I noticed that the same vehicle leased in January is now $20 a month cheaper per month in the app, all the same trim at the same dealer with similar mileage. I check the app often and the FAIR monthly price in the same for a dealer in NoCal and SoCal. These all the same year, trim and have low miles. What is the best way to present this data to FAIR since they state: You won’t find a lower monthly payment on a comparable loan or lease. That’s our Fair Price Guarantee – just screen cap and send to the concierge? Share your price guarantee experience please! Thanks.

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Seriously, do you get paid by them for your non-stop promotions? You got your deal and you are happy, we get it. But now it starts looking like vine reviews on Amazon. He is here, let him promote his business.


I think you are misinterpreting the way the guarantee works. I doubt there is any guarantee at this point: prices change week to week, day to day, month to month. I Assume the intent is if you find a lower price on a similar car before you lease, perhaps they would work to match it.


Hey @Ursus! Just to be clear, I do work at Fair :slight_smile: I don’t get paid for people using my codes or signing up at all, though.

I’m just here to help answer questions and provide savings as best I can.


I wasn’t talking about you. That’s what I told the guy - to let you promote your business here :slightly_smiling_face:


mabye it is time to have a referral program going:grinning:


Hi guys, I’m curious to understand better how their approval process works, is it only based on credit score or do they take other factors into account, such as banking history and employment status? What did they ask you when you signed up and got approved? Do pricing change based on the credit check they do? Thanks


I got a pretty bad experience with the app. I pick a vehicle two weeks ago and the car got canceled 4 days later saying that the vehicle is unavailable. Then I booked another car and was automatically cancelled after another 4 days. I check the app to see if the car is still available, it is. I called the customer services asking what is going on with all these cancellation. The rep told me to book from another dealer since the dealer I tried to book from doesn’t have experience with the app. Tried to book the same car again, it was unavailable. I don’t understand this fair app, I thought it says the process is really easy hassle free but that is not what I am experiencing. I would say the price is pretty high for the car especially all the trouble I gone through just trying to get a car.


Hey @Lorentz!

The approval process is super quick and occurs entirely in the app. All you’ve got to do is scan your drivers license with your iPhone/Android camera and Fair pulls a soft credit check. Then, we ask for income. You’ll instantly receive your approval decision and the maximum monthly payment you qualify for.

Monthly prices may change based on credit, just like a lease or loan. We still maintain the Fair Price Guarantee though (regardless of credit profile).

Please reach out to me (shaanr@fair.com) or our awesome concierge team with questions! 1-800-584-5000.



I’m REALLY sorry to hear about your experience!

I’m going to try to make this right ASAP. Please email me (shaanr@fair.com) so I can follow up.


Hi @shaan

Thanks for the info! Do you allow to apply also to people with no credit score (i.e. recently moved to the US)? Do you look at other things such as banking history and income as well?

I’m getting my us license next week and wanted to apply then, but have no credit score yet, however I do have a bank account since about a year and with some balance, and have stable income. Do you think I’d be approved, even if at higher rates, or just not at all?


Hi Shaan,

I have a bunch of medical school friends who will be learning in March where they will be all over the country for residency. Wish I knew about this when I had moved. They usually start thinking about moving arrangements April-July. Hope you have a code for them to use then!



Tried to use the fair app, but I have to say the whole start payment not including a one month drive off is a very big con. It seems as if the app is specifically not mentioning that the start payment doesn’t include first month payment and an actual drive off. When I did find a car I wanted, I emailed for a price match and they were FAIRLY rude, saying that price matches don’t usually occur because they have the “BEST” deals, the Jag XE with 12k miles was $410 with $1300 down + registration which they don’t include in start payment or monthly ($450 at least). Overall great concept, but it seems scammy with the lack of specific language especially when @shaan is calling the payments “ARREARS” which again does not directly state that the START payment is NOT a DRIVE OFF, it is simply a cap reduction, you aren’t paying for a penny of wear with the start payment, you just get the key and a credit pull, then you get charged for driving.


Hi Shaan,
I’m an Android user in the DC area and I missed the promotions that expired in February. Will there be any new promotions - either general or targeted - coming soon?


I haven’t signed a contract yet, but I’m looking at the app now and it is very clear about pricing and about what the start payment represents. You could make a case that it’s expensive or that you’d prefer the payments be structured differently, but it certainly doesn’t seem scammy to me.


I leased a vehicle through Fair and found it quite easy. The biggest issue came from the dealer that listed the vehicle before it was ready to be sold. It was very dirty and I had to wait a couple of days before being able to take it home. The dealership had only done one thru Fair before me, so they had a learning curve too. I’m also considering leasing another one over the summer for my daughter coming home from college.


Apply. I was approved with no credit history. 5 months in USA. But I have a good income.


Will we have new cupons? I will try to wait for new :slight_smile:


Yes got my car 2 weeks ago, same thing no credit history but okay income. VERY pleased with it!


Hi @msludwick! We’re not available outside of California yet, unfortunately. DC should be coming in the next 6 months.

BTW: My promo code (SHAANR100) is still available for up to $1,000 off Start Payment until 3/31/18 (promo doesn’t apply to taxes, fees, monthly payments, or our rideshare partner programs).

Happy to continue answering questions! Fastest way to get me is shaanr@fair.com. I love the positive feedback and I’m paranoid/obsessive about addressing the constructive/negative feedback.