Fair App - any good?


Thank you. A little concerned that their Rep on this site doesn’t know. and I have sent multiple emails to two different email addresses, and there is no response.

But thank you for your experience. How long had you been using the car? a few months? You check all three bureaus?


10 months now, checked 2: EX and TU


Yep! We’re all super excited about the big things to come. We’re also hiring for all departments, in case anyone’s interested.


Sorry @NerVoir. Just an FYI to all - I’m on the engineering team, not customer service, so I may not always have answers readily available/accessible. But I’ll do my best to find an answer, whenever possible.


Sorry for the super delayed response, @Rob_Whipple! Some states have tighter restrictions on out of state drivers, but I believe you’d be able to get a car in Texas as long as you have a residential address. But if you were only in Houston for a weekend, Fair probably wouldn’t be the best solution for your needs, as we have a start payment to factor in. I’d suggest a traditional rental for short trips like that.


Does anyone have a new promo code. I am trying to get a car from Fair.com. Thanks.


Take $250 off your start payment.

[Use code FAIRHOLIDAY in the app]

Promotional code expires 01/13/2019.

Enjoy! Let us know how it goes…


Thanks whazupkids, I was offered that when I signed up for fair.com.

I was wondering if there was anything better like SHAANR100 that was mentioned in many posts.


If they offered promo codes like the $1000 off one from last year for first time clients, more of us would be more likely to try it. But most people, like myself, aren’t willing to gamble $1000 plus dollars on a “start payment” to try an entirely new way to get a car when they could just as easily take that $1000 into any dealership, especially this time of the year with dealers liquidating their inventory, and put it as a down payment and not even have to pay the first month’s payment for a whole month or two. The discount codes make it worth trying, but if they don’t take enough off, might as well go somewhere that you know is a sure thing.


I agree. Think $500 would be enough incentive in my case because I am looking for short term on the cheaper side. Trying to get something for the time being before buying/leasing what I really want.

Whats the best time of the year to buy/lease new cars.


@gemi @Crystal_Howard -

Thanks for your candid feedback - I’ve shared it with the marketing heads. Unfortunately, after talking with the marketing dept, it doesn’t sound like a discount greater than $250 is happening in the foreseeable future (I’ve been asking on LH’s behalf, though!). Now that FAIRHOLIDAY is expired, you can use promo code 8XS7B5ZF to save $100 off your start fee, and I’ll post the next code when it becomes available.


You guys just got an insane amount of money from Softbank. Throw some this way – also your NYC inventory is very limited.


Here you go, Hackrs!

Fair promo codes specific to LeaseHackr:

LHJAN $250 off start payment for Core drivers - valid through 01/31/2019
LHJANRS $100 off start payment for rideshare drivers - valid through 01/31/2019
8XS7B5ZF $100 off start payment for either program - no expiration until further notice


Hi @VinceFromFair, I have moved to Texas from India on work purpose. I have a valid Indian driving licence and valid current residence address(Bank Statement, Lease document) along with SSN and staying at the location from past 60 days, But i don’t have Texas Driving License.
So can i get the Car from Fair???
As i read many other articles saying on Valid Indian Driving Licence we can drive but still i wanna know about the Fair App rules and regulation over it.
Thanks & Regards,


Fair app has been throwing social media ads with M3, Range Rover Sport, Porsche, etc around $800-1000 per month and when you follow through - it says sold and tells you to search it’s inventory in which the nicest car is a $475 Q50 & 2015 BMW 3 series/X1 (SF Bay Area zip)

Seems like false advertisement, I don’t believe that EVERY nice car they advertise is sold instantly considering how poor most of their deals are…

Anyone experienced this?


Can someone test drive the cars?


@Raghavendra_Patil -

Sorry, but we currently require a US driver’s license in order to get a car.


I live in upstate new York York just found this app. Does it work in new York York still limited to west coast mainly?


I know it works here in CA. I think I’m going to give it a try to bridge the gap between now and when the 2020’s start rolling in.


@VinceFromFair What happens if you lease a car in a specific state then move?