Fair App - any good?


Sure, you could do that, but you shouldn’t need to. Fair cars include a limited warranty, routine maintenance, and roadside assistance (refer to the “Preview Your Contract” section in the app for full terms and conditions).

Here’s a screenshot from Fair.com regarding the warranty:


I had a terrible experience with this company. Do NOT use this program - especially in the State of Illinois. The did not handle my licence plates and registration properly. The temporary registration/plates expired and I was locked out of all my rideahare apps.

They claim it is an issue with the DMV at the State of Illinois. I tried to be understanding and come to a solution with Fair - but the support they provide is so minimal and it takes hours just to speak with someone.

They continued to charge me for the pleasure of having their car sit in a parking spot because it is no longer street legal - when I was assured they would not. I spent a minimum of 40 hours over the course of 6 weeks on the chat/phone support and was made promises that they didn’t keep.

Save yourself some heartache and don’t do business with these guys.


Hi, I’m considering Fair but find that their website lacks a lot of detail. Is there someone out there who uses Fair and is willing to share the actual contract or agreement language used by them? No personal details necessary of course; I’m just interested in all the fine print that the nice marketing videos don’t include. Thanks!


Hey @Dap -

You can preview the contract through the Fair app. Select any car and scroll down to the “Preview Your Contract” section


I believe I’m an early user - I’ve been using Fair for the last 1-1.5 years. My BMW 328d lease was up and I had signed up on the Model 3 waitlist at the time, and it looked like I had an 18 month wait ahead of me. I saw an ad for Fair and signed up. I got $1K off the starting payment, so I was basically getting a car for taxes + monthly payment for Month #1. I ended up grabbing a 2017 Civic that had ~17K miles on it. You have the option of adding extra miles to the car, which I did (I selected the max allowable at 17.5k miles annually), since I drive from OC to LA often.

Once I submitted the digital contract (took about 15 minutes), the app told me what local dealership I should go to to pick it up (local Nissan dealer about 5 mins away). I went there and did a quick walkthrough and was on my way.

I got pulled over a year later because I didn’t have plates (props to me for lasting that long in Irvine), and I contacted Fair and they sent me plates + new tags in 3 days at no cost.

I ended up cancelling the Model 3 order and have been happy paying ~$280/mo (including tax) for my Civic. I know many of you just flipped your keyboards at that lease rate, but I’m paying for optionality more than anything else - I get to bounce out of my lease with 3 days notice.

If you do some basic math, you can see what the breakeven is in terms of leasing a car through Fair vs. going to the dealer and getting a brand-spanking new lease. For example, my wife is looking at scooping up the new Range Rover Velar, and it looks like after 8 months, its cheaper to go to Land Rover and pay the down payment + monthly lease $ vs. going through Fair for a similar model.

I’ve had no “gotchas” or “sike bitch!” moments with Fair, everything has been above board. Their concierge is available on the weekends (Lord knows I taxed them with questions when I was getting my Civic). It’s a startup obviously, and they’re trying to create a valid secondary leasing market (sorry Vince/Shaan if I’m missing your vision). I’m sure the issues you guys have faced with Fair are valid, but I’ve had absolutely 0 issues.

Not paid, not a shill, not an employee. I just joined this forum as I’m actually looking at leasing a new Tundra/Ram/F-150 and I saw this thread as I was scrolling.


Personally, I’ve had a great experience with FAIR. Leased a low milage 2016 Cadillac. The whole experience was super easy and I like the fact that I can turn the car back without being stuck in a contract (I travel a lot for my work, sometimes for months at a time). It works for me. Sharing my personal promo code that I was given for friends and family: AYK4J4FH for anyone that wants to use it - get $100 off your payment.


@dancingking thanks for the awesome feedback! Glad to hear that you are continuing to have an excellent experience with Fair!


@brilliant thanks for your positive feedback as well! It’s great to hear that Fair is a better fit for your situation as an alternative to the traditional car purchase/lease.


For those of you who haven’t had quite as stellar an experience, we welcome feedback of all kinds. But before posting negative feedback on the forum, I invite you to shoot me a PM and I’ll see if there’s anything I can do to help resolve your concerns. Negative feedback helps us identify areas we can improve upon, but please give me the opportunity to address any issues before posting. Thanks!


Thanks, will have a look on it.


Hi Vince… Question…

I read on some article about Fair that you report payments to Credit Bureaus? If this is so, what is it coded as? Installment Loan? Car? How do you report a balance (What calculation/value of car)?


Hi @NerVoir -

Sorry, I don’t have a definitive answer for you on that one. Our Concierge department should be able to find that our for you, though. You can reach them at (833) 387-6677 or WeAreFair@Fair.com


@VinceFromFair I am thinking of giving Fair a spin, but there isn’t any dealers in Louisiana. I will be in Houston this weekend, could I get a car from there or is it only available to residents of that state? Also, any promo codes available?



Fair just raised $385m and plans to scale the business 10x. This will be interesting.


Is there a good promo code for 50% off, $500 off or $1000 off the start payment? If so I would definitely do this today!


I just downloaded the app. Looking to break the new year with a change. Any good promo codes out there? And any advice on a real good reliable car? Ive looked into the app and have my eye on a chevy impala. Single father with a budget lol


I asked them about this, the answer I got was they were planning to do so… that’s couples of months ago. Don’t know now. But one thing for sure, I didn’t see anything from my credit reports.


What’s the monthly payment and DAS?


I emailed them twice… still no response.