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Hey Shaan, My name is Steve (aka: SAINT) I’m currently in the process of completing the documents for the Fair app. I recently was working in partnership with the UBER app. As a driver since December of last year with Uber, it had came to pass that the vehicle I was using I no longer have. I’ve very eager to get started back with Uber again, I do love the work & meeting new people. Drive’n is just my thing, chauffeured for 9 years & just flat out loved it. I’m really hoping that I could get a little help, the start-up payment is twice over what I have to start. I’d really would appreciate it if you could maybe point me in the direction of where I might get a good promo code to save me. Thanks!!!


Couldn’t you just send him a PM?


Hey everyone, I just wanted to share that I had a really great experience with fair. I leased a Chevy Captiva with them for $185 a month with a start payment of just $120 for my son who is just starting to drive. We looked at several options and followed leasehackr forum closely but decided Fair was the best option because my son is going to college next year and does not want a 3 year commitment and with Fair he can return the car anytime. Funny enough, it turns out we were the first customers in Virginia! We had awesome customer service too, so I can’t recommend Fair enough.

For promo codes, I used promo code B27T2AR4 for $100 off the start payment.


You joined LH just to share your great experience with Fair? After 4 minutes of reading…


So you’re paying $185 per month to lease a 4+ yr old former rental with how many miles and what service history?

For those who aren’t familiar with this rebadged Daewoo, it dates back to a 2005 design that was phased out in 2015


Not to mention it was a rental fleet queen after they killed Saturn and put a bow tie on it. Guaranteed former rental.


Ursus, I have been reading the LH forum daily for around 6 months. I just hadn’t felt a need to post anything until today so I hadn’t created an account.


This is for my son who is going to college next year. He will most likely be going out of state so he can’t take his car and he is too young for rentals. Lease locks you in for 3 years so it wasn’t a good option. All I cared about was getting him a safe car (small SUV). For 185 a month and almost 0 down with flexibility, you can’t beat that. And if you can, please let me know and I will return my Fair this very week!


How did you come to the conclusion that it’s a safe car? Bodystyle doesn’t guarantee anything.

I googled this car and the information is quite sparse. It doesn’t appear to have ever been submitted to the IIHS, unlike the rest of Chevy’s lineup, which has arguably a tougher battery of tests than NHTSA.

The 2014-2015 Captiva got an overall 3 out of 5 stars from NHTSA, including 3 stars for a frontal crash at 35 MPH. Just to prove how outdated the Captiva was, even a 2011 Equinox got a higher rating. To prove that bodystyle means little, you can see that smaller cars like a 2014 Chevy Spark or a 2015 Honda Fit have higher ratings.

In addition to crash safety, how about crash avoidance? How much due diligence did you do on leasing this used car? Tires, brakes and everything else that hopefully help you avoid a crash in the first place?


Hello, my name is Sean. I’m a researcher working on a project about ‘car subscriptions.’ I’m looking for interview subjects willing to speak to me on the phone for 45 minutes about their experience using the Fair car app. I can offer compensation for your time.



Any good promo codes for November? The $250 promo code only giving $100 off currently… looking for $250 or more?


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I’ve looked that the “Fair” app. They charge about the same to rent a 4 year old car as it does to lease the same car brand new, in some cases they charge more! Don’t see the appeal of this business model.


Yeah, I have something I’d just love to say about thier lies & false advertising. If you’re still interested you can call me at (916)995-7962


Yeah I tried that code, all that it got me was half off then rejected


Fair offers the flexibility to get in and out of a car on your terms. If there’s a car that you’ve been itching to try out but couldn’t justify keeping for 3+ years, you can do that through Fair. Just as one example - baby on the way? Hop into an MX-5, 4 Series, or a Mustang convertible for a few months and hop out of it whenever you’re ready.


Hey @Kagesaint - I sent you a response to your PM. Let me know how I can help.


I wonder what would be cheaper… to buy a certified used car and pay for the maintenance and insurance individually or get the same model car with similar mileage off of the Fair app with all of those costs included in one payment.

Once the limited warranty runs out on the car, couldn’t one simply trade out for another Fair car with a limited warranty? This way you’d always be covered?

Any feedback from folks who have done both, owned a used car and done the Fair app?