Fair App - any good?


Usually it means you cannot sue them for any reason. Even if they fail to uphold their end of the contract or defraud you.


Have you ever leased?


A very short term lease is more comparable to a rental, and many of those obligations wouldn’t apply to a rental.


Every car I’ve leased requires maintenance, tires to be returned with a certain tread depth, collision damage repaired, kept in decent shape, and sales reps that are terrible, haha.


Not denying that, but have you ever been held liable for maintenance, tires and brakes for a rental?

NTM a typical lease begins with a brand new car or a demo with sub 5k miles. So you’re not inheriting basically a rental car with unknown service history and suddenly becoming liable for a host of maintenance items within a very short period of time.

With a typical lease you are the one who has used up the oil, tires etc so it kinda makes sense that you replace them. With Fair it sounds like some unlucky schmuck is gonna pay for everyone else’s use.


I’ll put in a good word for them. I recently returned a car. Return was pretty easy as they picked up at my house (it did take more than 5 days from when I called, however, and you have to give them a time window of several hours). There were no surprises with charges. I did have the excess wear insurance but I am not sure how necessary it ended up being.

Still probably a good idea to photograph any damage when you get the car and send it to them upon starting the lease.


Thanks for the positive feedback, @jad! I’m glad you had a great experience using Fair.


If I lease a car through the Fair app, are my payment amounts fixed from the start, or do they adjust periodically for changes in my credit? I am anticipating significant changes in my credit over the next few months, which is holding me back from leasing a car now.


I tried the promo code Leasehackr250 and it says expired - I also used SHAANR100 but it only took $100 off my start price :frowning: please help


Try SHAANR1000 :slight_smile:


Says invalid :frowning: but thank you!


Hey @Nicole_Campbell - SHAANR100 is the only code that I know of, currently. The Leasehackr250 code expired on 9/30.


@oatmeal5 - The monthly payments are fixed at the start of your agreement, but if your situation changes, you can always return the car and find another deal that better suits your needs.


@kxa Thanks for your awesome feedback! Glad to hear that you also had a great experience with Fair.


Is it possible to own the car after your lease ends?


had a feeling this app was no good. Glad the forum confirmed my assumptions


Shaan Do you still work at Fair?


Hey @Phaseshift -

No - With a Fair car, there is no set term, so there is no “lease end” per se. You can keep it for as long as it fits your needs, and return it at any time.


does anyone add “Excess wear and tear” for fair car lease?

Is it worth it?


Not sure how this app makes sense. For NY i am showing a lease for a 2018 X1 for 790 a month. That is crazy