F type r 0 down 650 tax included

10k per year 33 months 58 percent residual .00009 moneyfactor
112k msrp
0 drive off
650 per month tax included.
Good deal or could it be beat?


If you have to ask that question you don’t belong here. And why aren’t you driving around in this car right now? What dealer is willing to do this? Please pass on the info.

That’s a bad deal. Can you let me know which dealer this was so I can blacklist them for future reference? :laughing:


Yes what Jon said. Horrible deal! Pm the dealer info I’m going to file a complaint on them.


Wait I don’t get it. You think I can do better?

You only need about 27% off MSRP to make it work with these numbers :slight_smile:

The selling price is 93 but there is also 11k rebate from jag from what I’ve seen. Should I do it or haggle more?

So I was spot on with $82K selling price. 11K rebate is from what you’ve “seen” or you confirmed with the dealer?

Get it!!! If you don’t I will! And what dealer is doing this? So many dealers have a ton of these for sale.

I saw it on the dealsheet

Nice deal, is it a demo? When you’ve locked it up share the deal specifics

Seems as 11k is loyalty cash, plus there is a 2k incentive.

11k is the lease incentive f type money from jaguar to help move the 2017s off the lot. 2k is summer cash? There might even be VIP money in play. The hard part is getting the dealer to use their VIP money on you. I’d like to see the deal sheet.

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It was Jaguar of Manhattan, LOL.

I see a bunch of others on that page too. Which ones are stackable? A lot to navigate through here?

The 11k is only if you own a Jaguar? I see it says loyalty.

Could you please share the dealer info?

Damn I’m paying $600 for my hellcat and I thought that was good at 36/12k $0 drive off with 75k msrp.

You’re getting a much more expensive car for slightly more. This is leasehackr worthy. Reminds me of the S600 Maybach deal 205k msrp for $1400 a month.

Just got it
Thanks everyone


You bought it? Please share all the info!! Full break down!