Ezpass not working with Landrover

So recently i noticed this. Ezpass transponder would not work on vehicles with heater front windshield.

Did anyone of you notice this? Any tricks to make it work with heated windshield?

I called ezpass nj and they told me some land rover vehicles have this problem and i would need the plate mounted transponder to make it work.

looks like you have your answer

Yes but i don’t want to drive around with the plate mounted transponder hanging like that lol. So that y i asked opinions.

put it on a selfie stick and poke it out of the sunroof


Put it in a small bag with a suction holder and stick it to the bottom of the windshield.

Usually Ezpass would cross check your transponder ID, license plate and will directly charge your ez-pass if not recognized at the toll.

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Check the owners manual. There may be a section of the windshield that is non-infrared that would allow the transponder to still work.


Curious what happens when you have the ezpass registered to you vehicles plates, but it doesn’t read through the transponder?

I ask because in CA, we have Fasttrak and the systems cameras will recognize the plate, this avoiding a ticket.

Perfect, found out that it can be placed behind the dot matrix pattern on top of the windshield. Thanks :slight_smile:

yes in NJ too, if the transponder doesn’t gets recognized, they will charge by plates, but if your plates aren’t registered with ezpass, they will send you a $50 fine i guess.

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