Evoque 2020 deal review

Can someone please evaluate this deal

**2020 Range Rover evoque

**MSRP: $44580
**Selling Price: $43547
**Monthly Payment: $525
**Cash Due at Signing: $5000
**Incentives:automation savings : $1033

**Months:36 months - 10000 miles lease

**Region:Southern California

Your discount is comical and you have $5000 down. It is an awful deal


On what aspects can I negotiate a better deal? Ask for more dealer discount ?

You need way more of a dealer discount. Money down isn’t the wisest idea. Any reason for a 2020 versus a 2019?

Approx how much of dealer discount is decent ?

Reason I want a 2020 is the interiors are better.

Seeing a 2020 Evoque headline had me rushing in here to see the train wreck and it didn’t disappoint!

@Drhsingh86 you are unfortunately dealing with a big redesign for that model with a brand that is stingy on discounts. It also sounds like you’re not understanding some lease fundamentals so I’d suggest doing some searching on our forum and going to the Edmunds forums and learning what the residual value and interest rates are for the car in your area.


You are effectively paying 665/month for this. You can get a 60k Velar for that kind of money. Wait a couple months and you’ll be seeing deals for the Evoque that look like current disco sport deals.

When I asked the dealer for the terrible discount he replied by saying “we only have a 4% markup in the vehicle.”

Thank you for the replies !

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Recommend you shop quotes at different dealers. Often, the best deal won’t be at the first dealer you go to.

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“Your margin means less to me than the series finale of GoT, now drop and give me 20!”

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Is an 8% discount on msrp on the new Range Rover evoke 2020 a good deal?

Can I get some advice on this lease deal that I was offered on a 2019 Evoque SE Premium? I have gone through like 6 dealerships already out here in socal, and none of them could even come close to this deal. Is this a good deal? Do you know any dealers/brokers in California that can do better?

MSRP: 50322
Selling Price:45663
36/7500 miles


Monthly payment before tax: 429

I got it from an auto broker I found online, this is their website Omega Auto Group

They got me a killer deal on a 2019 Audi A3 for my son, but if someone else can get me a better deal on an Evoque that would be amazing!

Paging @ethanrs

This is a 2019 not a 2020. Apples to Oranges

You need to share the actual details of the proposed lease. What trim is this model (S, SE, HSE, etc) What engine (250, 300)? The discount on the car means nothing if you don’t understand the financials of the car and the deal.

2020 evoque S P300

that is true but Land Rover has some of the biggest BDI (holdback) margins in the business.

2020 Evoque MF is ugly, but when it calms down in a few months it’ll take the LH community by storm alongside the brand new Discovery Sport. Calling it now.

Back on topic of this thread, them netting the car out would be about a 40k selling price although it’s a brand new model and they won’t net it out. Now just hoping this isn’t my dealership and I get reamed by my bosses for calling my bosses deal weak :upside_down_face:

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Thank you !

What do you think of this deal?

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:2019 Range Rover velar S
Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:

**MSRP: $61400
**Selling Price: $55200
**Monthly Payment: $737
**Cash Due at Signing: $1490

**Annual Mileage:10000

**Leasehackr Score:8.3

It was $669/- Without tax

Hi Everyone,

I recently used a Lease Broker who sourced an Evoque in CA - I am in GA. It has been a bad experience. The car was shipped but still can’t register in GA - dealer is helping on that. My question is on the deal financials.

  1. The broker requested a $3K deposit (to show I was worthy of shipping to GA) on a $57K car. That car was sold to another party, then a new car (SE) was found with a sticker price of $52K.

  2. I was required to pay $1,200 Cap Cost reduction - to the Dealer. The Dealer Lease Agreement shows the Adj Cap Cost is $52,145 (The sticker price was $51,875). The final 39 month lease price was $22,102.

  3. The problem is I don’t think the $3K deposit came into play or was paid to the Dealer. I have asked repeatedly for a simple schedule showing how the $3K factored in and the broker calls me an idiot for not understanding - but fails to provide a spreadsheet. He keeps saying he saved me a little on taxes.

  4. Am I an idiot, or is he keeping the $3K for himself? And if he is what can I do? He hung up on me today. This has been going on for months, and I tried backing out several times but listened to the promises. Is there a simple explanation or is it shady?

Happy to share my figures if someone can help me figure it out.