Evaluate lease - 2021 AMG GLE 53 Coupe (CA)

I am in the market for an 2021 AMG GLE 53 coupe here in San Jose, CA. These are the numbers I got from the dealer:
MSRP: $90,185.00
AutoNation Price: $88,577.00 (1.8% off MSRP)
Term: 36 months/10K miles
Residual: $50,504 (56%)
Monthly pay: $1474 with $4K down
One-pay: $55686

How do you guys feel about this quote? I am waiting for the information on the MF still. Will update as soon as I get it.

How do you feel about it?


This is probably the worst lease I’ve seen on a 6-cylinder SUV since the inception of this forum.

One could get a V8-powered SQ7 for less and a SQ5 or x3m40i for way less (like half off)


Urm… :-1:
Unless you have to have an AMG GLE53 Coupe…

Edit: even that $115k X5M was cheaper than this…


Not good. Looked around the forums and am sure I am being stiffed.

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To be fair, you weren’t getting stiffed. You just didn’t know what you were walking into. Look up all the MB postings and you’ll see that Most cars do not lease well these days, especially high-end low volume ones. Do more research, and hopefully you’ll end up on what you’re looking for. GLWT


Its a hard car to get a aggressive discount on for sure! But you can definitely do better.


It’s a good looking SUV but I would never take it over a x5m for the price or a x5 m50i with lower monthly

Thanks for all the responses. Do I understand correctly that there is much room for negotiating a bigger discount? The 1.8% off MSRP is meager at best?

That “discount” is OFFENSIVE.


That 1.8% discount is humiliating…

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No need to get offended by a poor discount. If you ask the dealer how much they want you to pay, don’t be surprised when they give you an answer they like.

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I have a dealer that quoted me about 4% off. It was about $3500 off a $80k+ MSRP car. So, yes, not a good quote.

Since you asked how we feel about that quote, it made me cringe. If you have about 1.4K to spend on a lease, get something that gives you more bang for your buck like a X5M or X6M, Range Rover Sport (probably supercharged, doubt SVR would be around 1.4K), or an SQ8 (debatable).

The discount is minimal and you should shop around.

Thanks everyone. I found out the MF from the dealer and it is 0.00217. According to Edmunds the base is .00142. So it’s a big. markup. I have already started talking to brokers and looking at out-of-state leases.

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$1500 a month with 4k down. HOLY SHIT