Evaluate Grand Cherokee Sterling Lease Quote 24/15K

Good morning Hackrs.

Need some help evaluating lease on GC Sterling editiion, MSRP $47285. 24/15K.

Obvious points of contention noted below.

My biggest question is on the sales tax. It appears that it is based on the selling price, 6.25%. In MA, sales tax is based on the monthly. Would seem to me that by basing it on the selling vs monthly, there’s a sizable benefit to the dealer.

Lease Options: 24/15000 miles per year

MSRP: $47285.00
Street Smart : $199.00 (don’t need)
Total Retail Value: $47484.00
Discount: $-3285.00 (only 6.9% discount on a car pictured w/ snow in background)
Factory Rebate: $-3500.00 (short changing me 500, eligible for 4K)
Selling Price: $40699.00
Sales Tax: $2556.12 (why is this factored on selling price and not monthly payment?)
Dealer Doc. Fees: $398.00
Registration Fee (est.): $60.00
Other Fees: $110.00
Total Cash Due: $43823.12

24 months
RV: 28371.00 (this is ok)
0.000637000 (jacked/tripled from national .00022)

In my own pre-negotiation calculations, I had this lease coming in ~$450 w/ standard DAS, $0 Cap, with 10% discount and 4K rebates.

Does not look good to me, but I have found CDJR dealers are not the best to work with. i would try another location.

I posted this recently in another thread:

6.9% off MSRP on a months old in-inventory vehicle just isn’t a good deal. Especially so on those Sterling editions which seem to have a more jacked up price over invoice.

Are you a MA resident buying out of state? Some states tax you on the full value, but it varies. Most of the time though, states’ tax laws are worded such that you pay the taxes in the state you’re registering the vehicle in anyway.

Thanks Dr.O

I’m a MA resident; tax is on the monthly which using their numbers should come out around 33.01/month x 24 month lease = 792.24; compared to their quote, tax on the selling price or 2556.12 - a 1763.88 “error” in their favor. I called them out on it. No surprise, crickets. Have moved onto several other dealerships but still finding dealer discounts to be well below 10% before incentives which make for unfavorable lease numbers