EV Alternatives to Polestar 2

Hello, I’m considering leasing the polestar 2 with the current incentives they have going on right now. This is my first time leasing. I also wanted to open my options as I haven’t really looked around at other brands that much. Does anyone know any similar in price EVs to the polestar 2? I’m based in TX (San Antonio area).

It’s about $15k total for the 27 month one, so around there and a similar lease period.

Get a Lyriq with tax credits from a TX dealer here. @ChevyGuy


i4 35/40/M50 are a great alternative and we can offer lender tax credit as well as really great discount.


Is there any way to get a lucid? I saw people getting great deals on 2023s last month, but I noticed they’re not available anymore.

Finding a 2023 that’s leasable is key since lender tax credits were not on the table for Lucid, so…not really.

Blazer Ev too!

iD4, Ariya, Ioniq5, or EV6 should be similar. Texas tax will kill any Lucid deal.

I’d probably go Lyriq first but also worth considering @OctopusEV for the flexibility Octopus EV - PND on Tesla Model 3 and Model Y - up to $7.7k savings vs Tesla lease

Realistically your choices are limited by whichever brand/bank is offering TX sales tax rebates right now — not to be confused with federal EV monies.

Hey @Ratrarity - we’ve got great deals on pre-owned Polestar 2 leases at OctopusEV.us available to Texas residents. Current prices are a steal relative to new. Yours will come to you in great condition and we fully warranty throughout lease. Let us know if you have questions.

As @harrydogyo points out, our lease includes more customizability as well as an early return option similar to Polestar’s ‘flexible lease’.