Octopus EV - PND on Tesla Model 3 and Model Y - up to $7.7k savings vs Tesla lease

Learn about Octopus EV here - Texas hackrs, we are bringing you a unique lease product that has more value the deeper you dig into it. So dig in!

Pre-Owned Model 3 Long Range AWD @ $7,700 savings vs. Tesla lease
Pre-Owned Model Y Long Range AWD @ $4,400 savings vs. Tesla lease

You can now discover our Model 3 Pre-Negotiated Deal and Model Y Pre-Negotiated Deal.

We will bring you a 2020-2022 M3 LR AWD Model 3 guaranteed to be in great condition for $2,399 due at signing / $399/mo ALL-IN for 10k / 36 mos


2020-2022 LR AWD Model Y in same great condition starting at $2,479 due at signing / $479 ALL-IN for 10k / 36 mos.

1-4 year lease term
5,000 - 25,000 miles per year
Any exterior color / black interior

Order now via our 100% online checkout.

Pre-owned EVs are the ultimate driving hack – Octopus EV brings you one at zero risk

  • Used EVs drive like new - smooth and silent at any odometer
  • Don’t take our word for it - ask your next Uber driving a Tesla.
  • Tesla batteries are clearing 200k miles with ~10% degradation
  • Still don’t trust the battery? No problem. Octopus extends the comprehensive warranty thru your entire lease. You’re covered for battery and everything else.

Want a lease with perks? We have perks!

  • Scheduled maintenance & tire replacements included in monthly payment
  • Maintenance/tires by mobile mechanic service to your home or work
  • Get Octopus Energy’s energy from plan for EV drivers, get a ~30% discount on all your energy and get free, unlimited home charging on your Tesla for your entire lease.

Even the fine print isn’t bad:

  • $500 deposit to hold lease reservation
  • Delivery to you in Houston, Dallas-Ft Worth or Austin (or pick up in Houston)
  • Flat $1,500 early return fee throughout lease, $0 disposition fee
  • 3 day return policy, no questions asked
  • Install a home EV charger thru Octopus and roll cost into lease at 0% interest

Order now via our 100% online checkout.

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Any chance you could set up a deal for someone in Florida? Or is it only Texas right now?

Just Texas right now.

Model Y showing $479 on the website for 10k/36mos. Please share the link for the $399 ALL-IN mentioned above.

They also show special finance offers

SDMike - thanks for catching this. The pricing in the linked Pre-Negotiated Deals and on our website is correct, and has been updated in this post.

Savings figures vs. new Tesla are accurate and were calculated off the PND pricing.

how many miles on average are the model y long range?

Hi @texnole83 - on average our vehicles come with 30k miles reflecting normal usage and 2020-2023 model years. (Note that Pre-Negotiated Deal is on 2020-2022 model years specifically).

Stepping back though, our goal is that you never even have to pay attention to the odometer because our lease structure makes that obsolete:

  • Cosmetic condition and battery health guaranteed by us
  • Drive quality on an EV will be like-new
  • Our full warranty extends throughout lease no matter age/odometer