EQE Deal good or bad?

Trading in a 2022 m4 competition. I feel like these numbers look decent, but not sure if I’m 100% getting screwed on this deal, based off some of the numbers I see everyone getting on here. Residual was 63% percent they wouldn’t give me a number or give me a number on the money factor either which was kinda sketchy to me.

What are all of your thoughts?

Edit: did not realize this was the EQE500. Haven’t run numbers on that one, but still seems very high at first glance.

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That’s what I thought as well. Even with the incentives, I was expecting it to be sub 1k but probably not by a bunch.

What % discount is required to get you there?

EQE500 will do that

Not relevant to the deal, but going from an M4 to an EQE? Interesting…


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Do the EQE350, not 500

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General, please remove your name and address from the deal sheet image.

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Thank you, didn’t even notice that was on there.

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wife is expecting so a 2 door coupe doesn’t really work anymore haha.

Lady was super rude, constantly on her phone, wouldn’t answer any of my questions and when asked, I got this is the best we can do.

None of that has any bearing on you knowing what discount is required to get to that price point.

One shouldn’t darken a dealer’s door without knowing what the deal should be in the first place.


Maybe the icing on the cake will be a sh*tty trade in value for your m4

Are there no other better car choices you’re interested in?

Fair, I literally just went into check out the car not to close a deal today haha.

This is a horrible deal! Run away.

its awful right? Everywhere I go its the same number, but I think its just they all go off autonation down here, and nobody actually looks at the car. M4 comp carbon bucket seats, pretty much fully loaded except for the wireless charger and the 360 cam.

I did haha.

Personally, not a fan of the m4/m3, but I would definitely prefer either of those over an EQE with a $1400? Payment


Exactly! Paying $1015 a month with 0.9% financing on the m4 currently wouldn’t make sense to take a deal like this.

Would you consider a m550i?
Mid sized sedan. Looks better, sounds better than EQE

Interior is not as nice though