EQE 350+ sedan lease help

Tried all of them in my state. The inventory is low

You might have to give up what you want to achieve discounts, or you can simply pay $1,100s/month as you wish.

I know the inventory. I sell them personally and I have EQS, myself. But discount is really nothing and that payment is gearing towards EQE500

Frustrating. Will touch base with them tomorrow and may have to forgo this one

I am at 11% discount on EQE pre-incentive. So, it’s far.

Oh really? Do you have a link to your dealership so I can look at what you have?

I sold most of it and it’s mbofnwa.com and all of the EQEs listed are the loaners.

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The only one I may consider is the grey one. I’ll call for pricing tomorrow.

What are the current incentives for EQE350 SUV other than the 7500 EV? Thanks in advance.

$1,500 Affinity and $1,500 applicable EV Conquest

Can fleet or sam’s be stacked onto this? Thanks again!

Nope. That affinity is Sam’s

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Awful. They are not giving you a discount at all. At the bare minimum, you can get 10% off.

Again, I am at 11% off


This is crazy but I think the RV on these EQE sedans have been significantly decreased. I thought they were about 67%. Instead, I think they are in the low 50s.
I was on the phone my dealer today who seemed surprised by the numbers I gave him from the leasehackr calculator (based on a 67% RV). We went through everything and he thinks that the RV is lower (he’ll confirm with me tomorrow). Plugging in the new RV into the calculator makes the numbers a lot similar to what the dealer initially quoted.
Also, I used the calculator on Edmunds.com, and, the numbers were literally identical to what the dealer quoted me (based on a 52% RV). Other calculators on sites, including USnews,Truecar give similar or higher payments. Anyway, I’m still leaning on him for more discounts (and no money down) but these numbers may not be that far off

24 month is the best, not 36 month and 67% and 0.00220 still stands 24/7.5k miles

Im Dead Game Over GIF by Jimmy Arca

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Thanks. Will try for a better deal with 24 months or just move on

I got 14.7% off pre incentive my EQE at end of March. Paying $645/mo on 92K MSRP.

Obviously different times right now but I’d find a new dealer. These guys don’t want to play ball

I hope You did not tell him magic word LEASEHACKR.

Unwritten rule #1.
In front of the dealer do NOT mention word "LEASEHACKR ".
Sorry to say that but IF You did it unfortunately the game with this dealer is over.

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