EQE 350+ sedan lease help

Hello all. I’m new to leasing.
Found a 2023 EQE 350+ sedan online with MSRP of $81,910. I called the delearship who are refusing to give me information on the RV and MF unless I physically go to there. However the website says it is leasing $689/month for 36 months with$6673 due at signing. Is this a good deal?

MF/RVs are the very basic information. If they can’t provide this over the phone, then stay away from this shady dealership.


It seems like a touchy issue with these delears. Last week, another delearship was bombarding me with emails about coming to do a test drive and checking out cars in their inventory etc. As soon as I asked for the MF and RV, they stopped emailing me! :joy: It’s like I offended them. I may have to look outside the state

Welcome to LH. You will want to read Leasing 101.

This information is available from Edmunds, or if you are LH Super Supporter you can access the programs through Rate Finder.

You should not be talking to a dealership about leasing until you have put together a target deal for yourself.

Website and National Offers include a bunch of fees in the fine print. I have never seen one that should not be ignored.

I never talk MF with dealer, RV is set anyways. Put together a target deal with drive off and monthly.

Construct your target deal using the knowledge and calculator on this forum.

Make offers.

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Hello all. Have a question on a new lease (sorry, couldn’t tag this correctly).
Attached is a lease options quote I got from a dealer today. They are being evasive with the RV and MF. MSRP is 84,110 but that doesn’t include the discount (total of $10,000). Is this a good deal? Notice that they are incentivizing a 24 month lease (instead of a 36 month lease which I requested).

24 is cheaper bc you’re putting 6500 down. Move on to the next dealer that will give you more information. Do you even know the selling price of the vehicle?

Msrp is $84110.

Bad deal. Did they even break down what makes up the discount? How much is the incentive provided by MB and how much was a true discount off of MSRP? Also the amount down is absurd unless they are putting it towards MSDs.

With the ev rebate and Sam’s club membership, I’ll get $10,000 off

For comparison, I leased an eqe suv with the same msrp for $802/mo including 9% taxes with 0 down but put down MSDs. So what this dealer is offering you is a rip off

What do you mean by out MSD?

My advice tell them this is not what you had in mind, give them your number along with a commitment to go ahead if they honor. With how they are playing, most likely won’t get to where you’d like them to, but no harm giving it a try, nothing to lose. Current deal offered is pretty bad.

Which means they are giving you no discount. Please read leasing 101 and the thread on these cars before you get screwed.

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Is this the SUV?

This was the break down. It’s too bad because this was the 1 out of 2 cars in the inventory country-wide which had the specs I wanted. I personally tried neighboring states but they didn’t have what I wanted.

Ask for bigger discount. Or simply move onto the other dealership.

No. 350 sedan

I just did a NJ deal (0% tax state on PHEV) for $603 Down and $603/month

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