End of Lease Purchase Audi Q7

Looking to buy out the lease for our 2018 Audi Q7. Currently have an appointment with the dealer tomorrow at 10am to discuss the buyout. Any tips or tricks I should know about?

We lined up low rate financing just in case they try to be slick on the financing side.

With taxes we will be at 40,500 and that’s what vroom and carvana are offering.

Looking to keep it at least another year maybe longer. If we decide to keep it longer than we will add warranty. The suv only has 28,000 miles and has been flawless so far.

They WILL be slick on the financing side, so why do you even need to go to the dealer. Do you know you can buy the Audi out from the comfort of your home? And the transaction is between Audi Finance and your bank and you won’t have to deal with sleazy mike in Finance …

Edit: Florida ugh - you will need to deal with Sleazy Mike…


These are two huge red flags to me.

  1. By going straight to the bottom line you’ve ignored all the BS dealer fees that the state-sanctioned monopoly in FL allows.

  2. Everyone here knows those values are inflated in a bubble and you’re basically saying you are paying that.

You are probably on your way to the dealer.

If you see this before entering the dealership,

If you can buy out the lease directly, just do that & save few hours of your life.

You can’t do that in Florida, so it’s a moot point.

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Guess hope OP enjoys the time with Mike in Finance.

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Audi financial will no longer sell directly to the customer. You have to go through an Audi dealer.


Mike in Finance was quick and painless. They want $1,495 in fees so I told them my contract has no fees for buying the vehicle at the end of the lease. Sales manager came out and said it’s all they can do because it’s their company policy. He did mention that other dealers may be willing to work with me but they can’t.

Called another dealer and they want $1,650 in fees. This includes financing with them.

Going to keep calling to see if any Audi dealer would be willing to work with me.

Already have financing lined up at 2.45 for 60 months.

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Audi of South Orlando only has a $799 doc fee. Likely won’t find much lower in FL. That’s the puzzle piece driving the cost

The break down on the second dealer is the following:

Dealer fee: $798
License fee: $450
Electronic filing fee: $236.47
Doc stamp: $146.65

Total: $1,631.12

One trick they did was raise the lease end purchase price by almost $300. So at the end the second dealer came back higher than the dealer I originally leased the suv from.

What is this stuff about having to go to a dealership to buy out a lease in FL?

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So… quick and painless.

Is that a State thing or Audi or Dealer Scam . Just unbelievable… sometime I wonder who is worst Lawyers or Dealers.

I have Q8 who I will be buying at end of lease in Jan 2023 for 40k. Hope IL don’t have these stupid laws.

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Audi Financial will no longer allow consumers to buy their leased car direct. It has to go to an Audi Franchised Dealer

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It’s a statewide thing in Florida, all the brands (have to) do it.

If it wasn’t in the contract, IDK… sounds like an invite for a lawsuit.

Florida requires that the transaction be processed by someone with a dealer’s license and a brick and mortar location in Florida. If memory serves, there are some captive banks that satisfy that requirement(bmwfs I believe is one), so not all brands in FL require going through a dealer

Sounds like AFS is asking to be sued, similar to how Ally was.


Yes if Contract has no mention of this then Class Action law suit against VW or Audi Financial.

These companies makes tons of $$ with fees associated with lease, then fees with turn in lease then again fees if one opt to Buy after a lease. If you Add these lease fees it’s easy 3k for doing nothing.

I just bought my GTI from VW Financial after lease over. Drove only 12k in 3yr on a 36k miles lease.
No issues in getting a payoff and finance through a Credit Union . Just pay state Tax nothing else .

I think Audi Finances and VW finances should have same policies same parent company VW.

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Since when buying out a car at the end of a lease had all these fees attached to it?? Does this vary by state??? I’m about to buyout my lease soon and I thought it was just the number upon agreement at the time the lease deal was made, and if you wanted to buy out the lease all you had to do was find a low rate from a bank willing to take on the financial lease agreement. What am I missing here???

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