Employee Pin Deal on Jaguar XF Sportbrake S $517PM/$0 Cap Cost; MSRP $77K

Hi Everyone,

Forgive me if this has been posted, but I just wrapped up a lease deal on a 2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake S which I believe is the most gorgeous wagon on the road today, hands down.

Each month, Jag and Rover dealers get employee pins on certain cars, that they can share with customers if not used.

The deal is as follows:
MSRP: 77553
Discount: 19400
Cost: 58153
Residual: 41103 / 53%

33 Months/12K Miles
$517.65 per month
Total down: $2026.65 including first, acq, dealer, and all mass fees!


Awesome…great looking car!

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Wow! Beautiful car. Just for reference did you happen to test drive other wagons? MB? Volvo? Etc. let us know your tipping point towards this instead of other brands. One heck of a deal enjoy!


Thank you!

I didn’t drive any other wagons. To be honest, the fact that I’ve never seen one of these on the road was a huge appeal for me.

I think this has a stunning look and love the features it comes with for the price. Plus, being one of the only ones with something is appealing to me. This truly drives like a sport sedan.


Gorgeous car and awesome deal. Congratulations and enjoy


Beautiful car and great deal! Congrats!

Absolutely stunning! Didn’t know this car exists. Congrats and enjoy!

Beautiful car and an excellent deal. Congrats!

Beautiful car and smoking deal. Monthly is better than Volvo XC90 and Gle 350 I was quoted. Wondering the same thing how does it feel against q7, mb, and Volvo.

I dont think it can be compared to the XC, GLE, or Q. It would have to be compared to the V90 and E3 series MB. Lots of reviews online showing the differences. I think it looks better than the other two and at this deal, smoooookes both of them.

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amazing deal. Congrats on a beautiful and incredibly rare car.

How did you end up with the Employee Pin - contact or pot luck? I hadn’t heard of them with Jag/LR but it makes sense.

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I was trying to deal on a loaner and they offered the pin to me on a new one. I didn’t know it existed either. So I called 3 dealerships, all who were willing to offer it to me once I brought it up.


That’s great info, I’ve seen a few people here who love wagons/sportbrakes, myself included, but they are so rare and normally difficult to get good deals on.

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Wait… why have I been oblivious to the Jag wagon, beautiful wagon! I haven’t even seen this on the streets.

On second thought, I’m with @Samson - I’ve never seen one of these on the road. This car is damn good looking - and in my color, too.

Also, obligatory “needs tint.”

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Unbelievable deal. Most of the epic Jag deals here have involved an employee pin, I wish we had more intel on how that all works.

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Beautiful car! Always loved the wagons.

19K on 77K is very well hacked, congrats!

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20k discount? Sign me up!

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I know that car… had been sitting out in front of the dealership for quite some time. Never thought to swing in and get a number. Awesome deal!