Electric Bill Cost

I’m not thrilled about it either but what are you gonna do? If I cut the run time on the pool pumps the water gets uncomfortably warm which also bumps chlorine consumption and ph may drop.

At least I can see that there’s something wrong with the climate control and come up with some possible solutions to it like perhaps a supplemental mini split on the kitchen/laundry/garage/office wing of the house or look into some added insulation up in the attic.

Stop lying and post a pic of the mclaren


I can’t judge. I simply can’t afford. :laughing:

Wish i was paying 14c/kwh. Around 23c/kwh in Long Island

Who says I can?!? :rofl:

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wtf. that’s nuts

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How to discretely run an extension cord from your neighbor’s house.


Luckily it was included with the house, so any benefit I get currently is just “free” energy savings. My understanding is the 2 kW system was the base size included with the house as new construction - the previous owners didn’t upgrade to the larger systems.

If I ever expand, I’d probably want a large enough system to offset electric car charging too. Becomes a large cost vs savings analysis at that point.

:rofl: Power companies hate this simple trick!