Electric Bill Cost

I’m trying to do some research on why the electric bill is high in Florida. So far in Florida it show the average is $165 while mine is $350 and energy used is 1,998 kWh

Im in FL and am never anywhere near $165

My guess is the average is so deflated due to the number of seasonal residents down there.


South Florida here. 1925 kWh for $309. It’s been brutally hot. Remember the average of Florida includes key west and all the way north to bordering with Alabama. You could have 10-30 degrees difference on a given day and a/c isn’t cheap to run.

It depends where you are in FL, there are about half a dozen power companies in the state.

Most people with FPL have one plan for the first 1000 kwh and then jumps after that. I reached a new high for Aug just over $750. Worst part the house was empty half the month :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

nice, 1300KWH in CA and looking at $450

Isn’t the math easy. Find your rate and usage breakdown then multiple.

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1200 kwh $150 in Texas
860 kwh $115 in chicago

Florida here, too. On a budget with Duke and my monthly is around $340.

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Last month’s was just over $600 with 4,700kWh used. North Texas heatwave FTL.


How big is the house?

$337.91 2236kWh used! Im in south florida, 1780sqf house! … things are getting out of hand! Oh and my ac is practically brand new! Installed a year ago!


WTH! How cheap is electric there!

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South Florida resident here too (Coral Springs to be exact), last bill was $375 with budget billing. AC is new but like every else has mentioned, the extreme temperatures just makes it run constantly. I work remotely so wife keeps AC at 74 during the day + pool pump running for several hours. When I check my bill it seems FPL is paying premium dollars for non-fuel, assume that is them paying for solar energy. It is hard not to go on a rant about the solar bs so I’ll leave it at that but we really need to figure out something nationwide. Harvesting solar from the sun should make things cheaper and not more expensive. Unfortunately the push to electric just increases our need for energy and that seems to just continue skyrocketing.

Florida… 2,800sqft and about $350 a month as well. But my oven and dryer are on gas… that’s $30

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That and the elderly keep their t-stats at 78 degrees.

That average has to be complete BS. There’s so many airbnbs in Florida and you know they keep the ac pumping, I do when I’m at an Airbnb for sure.

Even if people aren’t here full time you have to keep the ac set on at least 80 or so to prevent mold in your house. So they still would have usage.

I’m in a condo and AC is included but the condo fees since I lived here for 2 years have gone from 1200 to 1850/mo which is absurd. Just got another 15% rent increase. They settled for half that though.

Sister lives in a 2000 sqft home in Sarasota area and she said her bill is over 400 keeping it at 73. It’s also new construction.

Your sister’s AC is choking trying to keep that house at 73 when it’s 99 out.

76-77 during the day
73 at night

Let’s all invest now in AC manufacturers. Make some profits while earth burns

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I would hope they sized it right but since it’s a lennar pos track housing they prob didn’t do it right.

ac at 73 and paying $400 that’s expensive for a 2000sqft place