Elantra Lease $199 - best deal?

Brand new to leasing, been reading the forums. Is $199/month $800 down prob the best we’re going to get with a 650 credit score? 650 is Transunion - Equifax pulls 680. We will take anything but this is what we were offered on the Elantra and has been the best we’ve gotten so far. Tried the Cruze and it was over $250, tried a corolla but no 18’s left at the dealership here and 19’s were at $240.

My fiance’s car just failed inspection and getting a new vehicle was not in our plans anytime soon. He literally only goes back n forth to work, less than 20 miles a day. My car is our main vehicle. I just can’t fathom spending $200 a month on a car for 3 years that’s so basic.

how about a Jetta?

We haven’t been there yet… I’m literally open to anything I just feel like hyundai is bottom of the barrel and $200 is a lot for that. This is literally the worst possible time needing a car could have happened.

With that low of a credit score, I think $199 a month is the best you’re going to get imho

@BoardWalkNJ that was my thought too. It was significantly better a few months ago and we were working on fixing it now but this happened… Thanks

What about buying/financing a used Camry or something? My sister and her husband got a low mileage 2010 Camry SE V6 a little over a year ago for like $7,000. Runs great

@gc2a we looked at something like that too, but then we’ll be paying collision insurance on a 12+ year old car that probably wont be worth much by the time we pay it off.

An Elantra is a very nice economy car. Guess you haven’t been in a Mirage or a Versa.

Or you can bike to work.

After driving a Versa as a rental, a bicycle doesn’t sound half bad.


My brother has a credit score of under 600 (like 550, he ruined his credit and doesn’t care, never pays anything back) and got an Elantra lease for $299 a month with just first months payment DAS. In fact it was only one Hyundai dealership that would ever let him lease a vehicle in his own name because the last 2 cars that were leased there were paid off fully by my mother with him as a co signer and he totaled those 2 cars (insurance paid the dealership the remaining payoffs after they got wrecked in accidents). His current Elantra is well on its way to being destroyed as well.

Which will be cheaper than the collision insurance on the leased car (which you have to get and maintain collision insurance on)

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What do you mean 12+ years old? I’m suggesting a 5-8 year old car. Also, insurance is usually lower on a used car since leased cars require full coverage.

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Buy an 8-year-old car, and finance it for 4 years, and you’re paying collision on a 12-year-old car.

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Insurance didn’t pay the dealership… The dealer doesn’t hold the lease (the finance company does). The insurance company paid the finance company and whatever was left was covered by GAP

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How about a used 2018 Jetta that comes with a 6 year 72k warranty?

$199 for a credit score of 650 is the best deal you can get. Try to see if you qualify for any other Hyundai rebates. Check in to college grad of that helps and is applicable to you and with Hyundai.

What inspection did his car fail? Unless it is catastrophic failure, I would repair it, and forget about the new car, if you don’t have the funds.

Any reason why you can’t just get the current car to pass inspection? ETA: ^^^In other words, what would Jesus do ^^^

Even today it amazes me how involved people think dealerships actually are in the maintenance of their financing contracts…

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@Jesuscookies it’s the frame, its too rusted. Not something we can just fix unfortunately