e-Golf at 10k off MSRP

Hi Hackers,

I have been looking to buy/lease an EV once my lease expires and came upon a decent deal so I’d like to share. It was via Costco Exec auto program.

The deal I am working on is for 2019 e-Golf SE;

2019 Volkswagen e-Golf 4-Door SE (link)
(VW invoice PDF attached)

Purchase Option
$33,575 MSRP
-$8875 End of Summer Savings!!!
*$24,700 No-Brainer Price

plus tax & license
*Standard finance rates apply, upon credit approval
Costco price is $1050 under invoice , invoice attached

Bonus Savings Available:
$500 Partner Program Savings
$500 Recent College Grad Rebate
$500 Military and First Responders Rebate
See rules for bonus programs here (link).

The salesperson later came back and said she can probably do 10k off the MSRP.
Based on what I read on the forum, that’s about the going rate in So Cal but not in No Cal so I think it’s a pretty decent deal.

If you need a referral, let me know.


couldn’t load but i hope thats with driver assistance package!

if so the math should be the following

-$10000 discount
-$1000 - SCE

your net purchase cost without tax should be $12,575

is that right ?

Unless 10k off includes federal rebate. It would be stupid to advertise like that but you should ask.

Fed rebate is separate.
Discount is off MSRP

That’s my calculation as well.
With Fed tax credit and CVRP and PGE($800 vs $1000 SCE)coming after the sale.
Always thought about a cheap EV lease but at that price, it was deemed better to purchase rather than to lease. I think there was a VW guy in the other thread who was offering close to $10k off so I tried to have the No cal dealer match.



  • Blind Spot Monitor w/Rear Traffic Alert
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) w/Stop & Go
  • Forward Collision Warning & AEB (Front Assist)
  • pedestrian monitoring


  • Basic first aid kit for addressing minor injuries


  • For securing items in the cargo area

it seems thats been the going rate for a bit now - see https://slickdeals.net/f/13163326. I was able to get $10k off from both nor cal and so cal dealers pretty easy but havent yet pulled the trigger. it seemed to hit $11k off in some nor cal places (hanlees) about 2 moths back but don’t think that’s being offered anymore. Either way, smoking deal for an egolf. Happy Shopping!

Bolt deals are mediocre after the federal rebate was cut, i3’s are still expensive considering the range, Model 3’s are in high 40s.
For a daily commuter with 125 mile range, it’s a great deal.
I estimate $26.5k sale price inc. tax and registration.
Deduct $7500 fed, $2500 cvrp, 800 PGE, then ~$15k for a brand new EV.
Beats any crap lease deals with 7500 miles/year.

looks like $2500 CVRP may be “out of funds” right now, but there’s a waitlist…

still a good chance to get it, even if it’s later?

It sounds like they have funding but as you mentioned, bit of a backlog for those who haven’t received it. I’m fine with it as long as it is sent out. Here is what the site states;

Waitlist in effect for Standard Rebate Applications received on or after June 5, 2019

As of June 5, 2019, funding is only available for qualified lower-income applicants, as described here. All other applications for vehicles already purchased/leased will be processed and placed on a rebate waitlist. As of 06/27/2019, the Legislature approved $238 million in Cap-and-Trade auction proceeds for CVRP. However, we anticipate that it could take several months to receive the funding. Qualified applicants on the rebate waitlist will receive payment when the project receives more funding from the State of California. Additional updates will be provided here as they become known. Learn more.

A dealer added 3700 for TTL , to OTD price and I was surprised. Does that sound right?
I forgot the exact numbers but my quote said 23k + 3700. I’m in LA area.

Of course they will add 2 to 3k ttl. Were you expecting to not pay taxes?

I guessing the issue was more that you weren’t expecting the tax level to be quite that high? Rough math it seems like you’re paying tax on the full MSRP of $33,575 (I’m making an assumption, I don’t know what spec car you’re looking at) if you’re at a 9%-9.25% tax rate rather than the sale price.

Strongly suggest test driving and exercising these features before you lease/buy. 2016 was the first year this system went on the Golf platform, it was designed for the Touareg in 2009 and pulled shortly after.

I am all for this kind of tech, but this system is why VW ended up buying my 2016 GTI back (by force after I asked politely and they refused). It wasn’t working during the test drive, malfunctioned on the drive home, and was a scavenger hunt among VW dealers to find one with the equipment to calibrate it. Once it started “working”, mine behaved erratically. I’d write it off to a bad one except VW sent an engineer from corporate who told me it worked as designed.

It behaves very differently from the comparable system on BMW, MB, Volvo, Mazda, Honda, Toyota, Hyundi, Kia, and the handful of GM rentals I’ve been in. If you haven’t driven with it on, be sure to before you sign.

No tax would be nice.
2-3k maximum is what I was expecting, but 3700? What other fees are normal for a purchase?

Why don’t you ask the dealer for a breakdown of the $3700? How are we supposed to guess your tax rate, DMV fees, etc?

There are things like GM boat fund, Sales manager vacation fund, those have to be contributed to …
But honestly do ask for the breakdown from the dealer …


It’s funny you mention this because I had the dealer buy back my VW CC after camshaft and transmission failure after I had all my services done at the local VW dealership. I share your concerns on the tech but can’t you disable them? I would think that monitoring systems can’t make the car undrivable. At the price being offered, I might deal with these issues…TBH I never thought I’d get another VW in my lifetime.

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Surprisingly NO. A couple features you can turn off every time you start the car, but not all of them.

Also if one of these needs an alignment, you can only do it at a dealer. As of 2016-2017 only the tiniest VW dealer in San Diego had the 250k in equipment to calibrate (it’s like 30 mirrors and reflectors and lasers) and takes a half day to setup and run. I had to have mine calibrated multiple times because one of the three screws that holds the radar dish in place wasn’t tightened in Puebla and not caught before I did. Once it’s on, it’s mostly on. You can’t just hit a button or pull a fuse.

Seems like a good deal (even with the MSRP taxes) but I cannot find $25k inventory right now