Drove the 2019 Nissan Altima 2.5, impressive!


Sounds like poop


Which Infiniti? They are all dated, except the qx50.


With the same mindset, all of them are outdated. 2018 3 series, does not even have a touchscreen (same for the A4). Come on, this ain’t 2005.


I think the QX 50 already feels not-new. It won’t age well, IMHO. And the infotainment continues to be a dumpster fire in a train that’s going off a cliff. The two screen thing is a joke.


As bad as Infiniti’s is, Nissan’s infotainment may be worse


I found the 2016 Murano to be the simplest, easiest infotainment I’ve had to date. It took less than 30 seconds to get an address in the nav. It worked nearly perfectly, with the exception of an occasional bluetooth streaming snafu.

Of course, daily driving a Lexus makes pretty well any infotainment look good.


AP1 S2000 with an intake. My ear drums used to literally hurt after track days.


The Nissan CVT is abysmal. At least Honda CVT’s have fake gear ratios to avoid making it sound like an unbalanced blender on high speed.


Hardly a stock 4-cylinder for mass production, though!


Either the Infiniti version is programmed differently and/or it works better with a V6


… but the 3 Series does have a touchscreen?

However I rarely use the touch screen on my 2018 330e because the rotary dial / buttons for the iDrive are so intuitive that it’s often easier for me to use that instead of poking around the screen instead.


Following that logic, bmws infotaiment is a dumpster. Well congrats to them for putting it in the 2018😂


iDrive is considered one of the most unintuitive…same logic as from 2005. It is worse than any system I have used imo.


They are just trolling me :wink: Also Infiniti was rated #2 is owner satisfaction after porsche by JD Power. Audi and BMW is below…so no comment here. They can keep saying what they want.


Funny…Car + Driver points out “intuitive” as a positive.

Why are you getting so bent out of shape over other people’s opinions? You didn’t build any of them, so who cares.


I can care less lol. Thousands of buyers who get this car like it, and the opinion of 10 people does not matter to me. I like it, so I am all good :wink:


I think the rotary dial is the next best thing since sliced bread. It’s so much easier to control than reaching + poking.

CUE in my wife’s Caddy is a decent system, but the lack of real buttons kills it. They started adding the rotary dial into the xt4, and hopefully carry that over to the other models.


It’s like comparing Mexican, American, and Italian cuisine. Whatever one is used to))


My wifes #1 complaint is the lack of physical buttons in her XT5. I have to agree. It’s a pain.


Care to share which infotainment systems you think are better? From my experiences, BMW iDrive and Audi MMI are neck and neck as the best. Porsche has a good system too. Infinti had a good system back when I had my G37 Coupe but lately hasn’t been nearly as good or responsive.