Drove the 2019 Nissan Altima 2.5, impressive!

Can’t believe how nice the new Altima drove. Felt like an Infiniti on the inside, and for 188hp, unbelieveable acceleration capabilities. Wonder what the 2.0t will do!

that screaming due to the CVT though.

BTW, your Dragy is about .5 second off. You hit 60 at 6.33 seconds.


So? It is very quiet when driving normal…all 4 cyl are loud lol

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone complain of a 4-banger being loud.

Car looks very meh to me, both inside and out. I’d rather sit in a Mazda 6 or a Honda Accord, and both have been historically great driving cars. Not to mention you can get both the Mazda 6 and Accord in a stick or a true automatic transmission rather than the droning of the CVT.


Accord has a droning CVT also…

The 2.0T equipped models come with a manual or 10-speed automatic… Too many cogs if you ask me, though.

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it looks like a sentra bro

Can’t anyone be happy that someone else is happy with something? :+1:


Your a sensitive one aren’t you.

Thank you😊

Still pretty loud and has cheap materials in many places…looks like an extra large Civic imo. And?

Even if it’s an extra-large Civic, Civic has great driving characteristics. Accord no longer feels like a boat.

It’s driveable…not the worst driving car out there. The 2016 Accord V6 drove way better than new model. Much sportier.

Nice that it’s still winning some fans.

I’m just not sure if Nissan have done enough to compete in this segment now. The Accord, Camry and Mazda 6 have moved the game on so much on in terms of interior quality, design and refinement. Nissan had an opportunity to do something different but chose not to take it. Maybe a good financial call given the way the market is going. I think the AWD addition might help them eek out some sales to people who MUST have a sedan. It might even hasten the demise of the unbelievably dull Legacy.

Honestly, I drove the Mazda 6 also…not impressed. It literally yielded same performance results as the altima 2.5, given a 2.5t engine. The accord became much raspier sounding, and more civic like feeling. The older one drove really sporty and the v6 sounded great. Loved their 6 speed…and this 10 speed is wtf.
To each their own…

Quick! Lease it whilst you still can, before they cancel it and force you into a Rogue/Qashqai


Pretty much how I feel; I think Nissan is making good strides in bringing their design language (or raiding the parts bin) of Infiniti to their other vehicles, but it might be too little too late in a segment that’s continually shrinking and some manufacturers aren’t even attempting to try anymore.

Obligatory “Have you tried the Q50?”


The answer is, yes.

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