Don't want to come in to "talk about it"

So I’m trying to text/email these dealers with questions about leases. I saw some good deals on the Nissan Murano and Kia Seltos.

When I ask about specific payments, they all tell me to come in.
I don’t want to come in to talk - I just want the numbers.
I try to tell them just to give me the numbers but then they go silent.

Any tips or am I just going to have to “talk about it” in person?


Same. Most dealers i reach out to ghost me once i ask for an offer or quotes over email.

How many dealers have you tried?

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If you need to go in to talk about it, you’re not going to like the numbers


Or you will be sitting in the dealership for 4-5 hours without anything getting accomplished


How do you know if you saw the good deals when you dont have the numbers?

If you know what is a good deal, then just make the straight offers. It will save alot of your time. Dont ask them what they can offer, but make the offer what you want to pay based on your market research.

Kia website has all the data that you would need to figure out the lease numbers.


Lately I’ve found that phone calls do the trick. Instead of emailing, give them a call and try to show you have genuine interest. Let them know you’re pretty busy and can’t take the time to come in right now, but you definitely want to work something out.

Also, be specific with the numbers you want. If you just tell them you want numbers, they’ll convolute everything. Ask them specifically for things like the sales price before rebates, MF, RV, etc.


So, my advice as both having been a salesperson selling a car, and a customer buying/leasing 10 different cars in last year and half, (long story, don’t ask) salespeople have this CRM where they are required to send Day 1-3 emails and Day 5-7 emails and Day 10 email and Day 15 email and Day 20 email and Day 30 email. When the salesperson engages after Day 10, then this would be your negotiation starter. If he or she doesn’t, they don’t care about you anyway.


Maybe if you approach it diffrently you will get answers.

Instead of I want you best lease number on XYZ car- say, I am intrested in stock #123456. This is my offer, if you can make this work I will be in at 5pm to sign the paperwork. I have a XXX credit score and tier 1 financing has never been an issue.

I am not in car sales, but I can only imaginge the amount of time they waist on tire kickers that are emailing 50 dealerships looking for the best price. They do not get paid to answer emails- they get paid to sell cars. Just like any other business they need to decide where the time is best spent to generate revenue. You are probably coming off looking like someone that will not generate a sale- so your emails are not getting answered.


Let’s just back up for a second. If you’re looking at ads as your starting point, you’re doing it all wrong.

How do you even know you’re targeting a model that’s worth targeting? That it’s worth the time and effort to negotiate?

Look at Marketplace and Share Deals & Tips before everything else. Ask the forum what you should shortlist as a potential target, then ask the forum what your targets for pricing should be.


And I always get a little uneasy when people are cross-shopping such different cars. Are you shopping a class of car or a payment? Either one is fine, but people need to figure out what goal is b/f they start contact dealers, IMHO.

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I would agree that this approach is what works best. Get your ducks in a row using resources available here in LH, Edmunds Lease Forums(MF/RV/incentive by zip code) then use the LH calculator to build the deal you want . You can become an “LH Supporter” which will open up a supercharged calculator that includes the MF/RV/Incentives and allow you more flexibility. Then list what you want out by line item and send away when the dealers contact you!

Be direct. I ran into this a lot when shopping for a Nissan Frontier. After an email, I did a phone call and gave them my terms. At the time it was MSRP, no ADM or other addons, buy rate. I didn’t discuss monthly payments or anything else. I gave them the stock number I wanted and also said I would take a similar incoming vehicle that met my terms. If they’re serious they’ll call you back.

End of the month, one of the salespeople called, asked if they did the deal could I come in right now. Answer is yes. They held up their end, I held up mine.

Think about the amount of idiots who try going well below invoice when there aren’t incentives etc. You need to put a deal together that makes sense for both of you.

I definitely didn’t say I wanted a $200/mo lease, they wouldn’t have given me the time of day. I knew the residuals/MF and once they agreed to pricing/MF I told the finance office how to structure my lease

You could just pay a Broker. I did, and it was so easy


Not going to name the Volvo dealer by me that just played games with my gf and her twin sister. She is at the end of her 2nd Volvo lease. Reach out to a couple of dealers, get a great quote on a demo and make an appointment to go in the next day and sign the papers. Both go to the dealer and want to drop the old, sign, and dash with the new. Instead, they get talked into test driving the vehicle, then go in to sign the papers and the monthly is up $127/mo, and the DAS is up $2K. Meanwhile, the women are asking, WTF happened, look at the #'s in the text you sent last night, along with “See you at 10AM!”.

Long story, short, my GF walks out, dragging her sister. Salesman chases them to lot and says “Fine, you can have the deal I texted last night!” My GF leaves her sister there. Six hours later, she leaves, with a loaner and has a signed deal at the texted price. Told to come back on Monday to p/u car as it really had to be cleaned.

Done 30+ car deals, and the switcheroo on price, on same vehicle, after the text pricing, was a new one to me. I have to figure someone looked at these 2 and said “Take a shot. Maybe they fold.”

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You should put them on blast. Makes stores like mine look even better lol


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Skip and move onto the next dealership unfortunately

I’ll go in if the dealership is close. As long as I know my numbers and have the ability to not crack under the pressure I actually have the upper hand.

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