Don’t sell to Carvana, Vroom, ALGo, Sell to your friends on leasehackr

I thought it would be a good opportunity to know before anyone decides to sell their car to respective dealers, that a fellow leasehackr may be interested in purchasing it (not transferring the lease).

This would be a great opportunity to the seller to obtain a higher offer and buyer to get a generous discount without the hassle.

If the moderators deem this is okay, we can come up with a template for sellers to list their car below in the thread.



It probably won’t be worth it because of taxes and the hassle of dealing with people (especially cheap people on here).


Boom there it is. Lol


Agree with @Jon; folks come here to find the cheapest possible leases, not pay the highest possible price for a used car.

People should still sell to Carvana, Vroom, ALGo; since they’re getting above market value for their cars due to a lack of used car inventory across the country. Maybe after COVID it would make sense to have a used car marketplace on the site, but used cars are fetching far more money than what I believe members on here are willing to pay.


i like the idea.
there is the issue of sales tax…
selling to a dealer removes taxation component, but private purchase of leased car could require the lessee to pay tax based on their state, and the buyer will also pay tax to register typically.

One of the incentives on leasing is not dealing with individuals when trying to sell or buy private. Too many people looking for that “yo cash TODAY” deals.


Exactly this, doing private selling here, would be a disaster.

I am not sure where you live but in most states a third party individual cannot acquire the car directly from the bank or lessor.

The arbitrage you’re thinking of could disappear after the lessee pays TTL to acquire the car from the lessor in order to re-sell to you

It’s hard enough selling some of the LH crowd on loaner cars, let alone personal vehicles!

The negotiations will be entertaining, if nothing else :slight_smile: we do see some offers in the Private Transfer section where you go :man_facepalming:

“I know you’re paying for half a year of payments, but could you ship it to me too?”
Buh Bye.


I’m sorry you took it personally @Electric , it was just a simple offer, LOL

In seriousness, that wasn’t me😁

But, my personal record on a swap (as far as incentive value) has been $8700. That was on a Chevrolet Volt back in 2013 I believe.

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I would definitely hack a ton of unicorn deals

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This would never work with the values that Carvana and Vroom are paying right now.

They are going to be in deep shit once all of this passes.


Not necessarily, when this is all done they will have already made enough $$ riding the wave.

Not sure I agree. I cant imagine they are making high profits on each of these vehicles.

@spockvr6 Can we use your Tacoma data point?

What they paid
What they’re listing it for

Then whatever assumed costs there are of shipping it, cleaning it, etc…

I’ll jump on this, because I believe as well they are going to hit some rough times

2019 Rav4 hybrid sold to Vroom
MSRP: $33,199
BOUGHT: $29,1xx
SELLING: $33,450

I don’t think this will ever sell at above MSRP. It’s a recipe for disaster

Honestly we’re probably not talking about the Tacoma’s or any vehicle that we know Carvana, Vroom, and/or AlGo are offering more than it’s true value.

I’m talking about someone who’s ready to drop their car for any reason and paying thousands to get out of it. The other day, someone on this forum was $2500 negative on a 2019 330i. Not sure what the payoff was but sometimes you can come ahead privately selling the lease.

Trade-in market low balls anything that has an uncertain algorithm. Again, it’s going to depend on the market and the car.

MSRP 22.3
Selling Price 11,077
Adjusted accurate MMR at time of sale 9982

No listing yet.

2015 Nissan Altima 2.5s 45k miles.

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2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Offroad 4x4 Double Cab

MSRP was $40,109
Carvana bought it for $38,630 (it has 5800 miles on it)
Carvana sold it for $40,990