Do you mow your own lawn?

  • Yes
  • No

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If you do mow your own lawn, what type of mower do you use,

  • Gas
  • Electric

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Bored so here’s a new poll, I like the gas mower, especially Honda because they are bullet proof and 4 cycles are usually pretty maintenance free(dirt cheap on craigslist or the like for something barely used) I do have an electric weed eater though, that thing is amazing and cheap. The electric mowers seem pricey still and not as powerful as my trusty Honda.

Sure I could pay someone to do it, but it’s actually something I enjoy doing. Throw on the noise cancelling headphones and rock out. And if you screw up, it grows back!

I pay a gardener, but have an electric mower from before I broke down and got the gardener

I have a plug in electric mower. Line is a PITA but much cheaper and more powerful than battery powered mower and actually zero maintenance required versus a gas mower. But I have a small lawn so it’s not a big deal. I’d love to pay someone to do it but it seems dumb to pay 60 bucks a week for something that takes me 15 minutes tops.

Don’t have the childhood memory of mowing a lawn. HOA takes care of it, but they do use gasoline ride on mowers.

Honda gas mower + noise cancelling earbuds…yep👍

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Cub Cadet rider powered by a nice Kawasaki engine. Selling it shortly and getting a zero turn Gravely/Ariens or a Wright Stander if I can steal one end of season.

@joeblogs I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 2 stroke mower?

I went electric for the weed wacker. Couldn’t stand the 2 stroke.

For backpack blower, Redmax 8500. Worst decision I ever made was buying a less expensive Stihl. Gotta have all the power!

Ariens snowblower. 414cc. Good machine.

My close friend just picked this up with under 100 hours for $4800. Unbelievable deal for this as it stands. Diesel power!


Yeah I forgot to say, I meant to add the detail that 2 stroke weed eaters are a PIA. I still need to purchase a cordless blower, but my plug in Toro works pretty well, and it’s kind of cordless with my Craigslist generator!

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I have this one and the hedge trimmer

It’s been fantastic!

Also have a battery powered Stihl chainsaw and it’s terrific!

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I’ve got a Kobalt 40V electric mower that’s been great over the past few years. The 40v electric tools have been excellent for me. I use a combo of that with a 40v Greenworks edger/trimmer and blower. Unless I get really lazy and let the grass get out of control I can do the front and back yard on one battery each.

I get YouTube ads for some battery powered mowers, which is bizarre considering my search history

I see the Ego brand stuff pop up on YouTube a lot. Maybe they are trying to tell me something…

I pay $80 a month for the front and back yard

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The 60 buck quote was from the legit company I use for twice annual cleaning/mulching. I could probably get down to 35/40 bucks a cut if I used a less reputable company. Even the kids in my neighborhood charge 20 bucks a cut. Landscaping is just expensive outside DC.

TMI, bruh…


Gotta keep things from getting overgrown


Mine cost about three beers every week


$75 here. Time is money.

Ha, I’ve had nothing but time the last 4 months! (Plus 64 hours of furlough time)

That’s nothing ($80/month is a steal)

Everyone here is $50+ per cut for a fair sized lawn

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