Do you mow your own lawn?

And normally it’d be $30/cut but I worked it out with the service provider to keep my charge a steady monthly for the whole year including through the 3-4 months of the year the grass only needs cut 1/2 to 1/3 as often. It averages out to $22/cut at the end of the day.


I’d assume Boston area is similar to DC area. High cost of living and many fewer immigrants willing to work for 10 bucks an hour in hot sun all day. Lady I have been using for years complains non stop about how hard it is to get workers now.

With work from home I usually multi-task. Mow yard while on a conference call. Need to be paying enough attention that I cant really do other serious work during call. When I have to speak, just cut the mower, invite, answer, and then resume. Added benefit is that after I am done my head is usually in a better place.

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Yard hacking!

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Everyone paying $75 or so less per month, about what size of yard do you have?

I have 0 gas tools, most are 40v Greenworks. Got plenty of time, however, we’ve had 90 degree dry weather for a while, so I mowed my lawn only once this June.

Have an old craftsman 20hp riding mower and a kobalt 80v Weedwhacker, blower and tiller. Really impressed with those.

I enjoy mowing the lawn - takes me about an hour to mow + string trim. Nice break from the wife and kids :joy:

Lawn mower - 20 year old craftsman. Father in law does small engine repair so rebuilt the mower for me from the ground up. Runs like a champ and built exceptionally well with solid parts. Just gotta keep up with the annual maintenance (oil, air filter, gas filter)

String trimmer - electric trimmer from DR. Nice product - easy assembly and decent life on the battery.

Leaf blower - have 2. One is the DR electric blower - uses the same battery as the string trimmer above. Good for blowing off the planter beds/driveway/lawn mower.

Other leaf blow is a Husqvarna 150 BT gas powered. Great leaf blower and plenty of power to use for the leaves. Also use the pre-mixed Husqvarna gas/oil - so much easier and no worrying about keeping a separate gas tank for the mixed oil/gas.

Snow thrower - another 15-20 year old special from the father in law. Runs like a champ, starts up on the first pull and plenty of power for my driveway (6 cars). Easy annual maintenance - oil, spark plug, etc.


$35 per mow and weed trim/edging

right now we have it done every 10 days but kick it to every two weeks later in the season when it stops growing so quickly

Just over a quarter of an acre that needs to be mowed.