Discount on Used Porsche 911

I’m in the market for a used 2017-2018 Porsche 911, and I’ve been seeing them priced on average at about $90,000-$95,000. What kind of discount would you guys expect during this type of market? Is 10-12% discount fair?

I’m really interested to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

Porsche has pedigree, to cite my favorite meme cracking gen z JLR salesmen

You’re going to pay market price, no Covid discount for you! :bowl_with_spoon:

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Discount from what, the asking price?

That is impossible to say on a used car as every dealer, market, and car is different. Some dealers price used cars more competitively than others.

There is no such thing as a “standard” discount you should expect to receive from asking price on a used car. You just have to spend some time to know the market and the car and what a reasonable price would be. Doesn’t matter whether you’re looking at a Porsche or a Kia.


Moving to off-ramp…this isn’t a lease question.

That said, agree that there is no blanket discount on a used price. You have no idea how much profit they want to make (used cars are profit generators Much more so than new), nor do you know how much money was invested to fix problems which they will want to at least partially recoup.

There is no used car on the market you can put a blanket discount expectation on. It will depend on too many factors.

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No, used car shopping is easy. Go on CarGurus, enter the parameters your looking for (trim, colors, options), sort by best deal and buy it with no discount because they’re probably already losing money.

Welcome to used cars. It’s depressing.


Thanks for the insight, guys. Is the 1.95%/60month financing one of the cheaper rates we’ve seen from Porsche over the years?

For cpo or used, that’s probably as low as it’s going to get. That’s new and cpo special rate.

I can’t comment on specifics, but financing deals are aplenty right now. That’s probably what you’re going to get from Porsche, unless you get outside used car financing below 1.95% (unlikely).

Thanks for the insight! Just had another quick question - if I’m buying a 2017 and the current warranty is expiring in 2021, am I able to purchase an extended warranty from a Porsche dealership upon expiration of the original warranty? Or should it be done upfront upon purchase?

I ask because I’ve been seeing some used Porsche’s for sale at non-Porsche dealerships with their current warranty still intact.

That’s a question you really need to ask your local Porsche dealer(s). Talk to the service manager, tell them you’re looking at used 911’s, and ask what extended warranty plans they can offer, if any.

Then, compare the costs to how much more you might pay for a CPO car, and weigh your options. All part of the buying process.

Also, for these types of 911 specific questions you’d be well advised to spend some time over on the Porsche forums (Rennlist, etc.), where you’ll find many more details on all things Porsche. Search and/or ask there about 991.2 extended warranty options and I’m sure you’ll get a range of ideas and opinions.