Discount for new 4 series with 300+ days in stock

I managed to pull off a 16% discount on ~200 days old 3 series which was a “demo” with 50 miles on it. Maybe it was possible because it had some trunk money as it was a demo.

Wondering if it’s possible to get 20% off on a new 4 series that’s 300+ days old. Any experience/thoughts?

How are you able to check how long it’s been on the lot?

I use online VIN Decoders

I got around 17.7% off on my wife’s. I think 20% would be very difficult, but not impossible. I think with all the incentives, dealers feel they can get away with discounting less.

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There is around 2% of MSRP hit for mileage on a 50k loaner, so it’s a wash with your 17.7% discount on a new/low mileage demo

Mine was new.

Yes, that’s what I’m saying. I think :grin:

I see, gotcha.

Awesome! Was 17.7% after OL or before?

It was before.

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just use cargurus you can even sort by oldest first. works well too. And, has a similar search feature.

I got 18.3% at 10mos.

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I was quoted 12.7% on a 4 series GC approaching it’s birthday recently. Some dealers just don’t care…

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That’s a bargain. I’ve seen 6% before incentives on a near birthday loaner car.

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So the 9.4% I was quoted is way low. And, I’m looking to lease two. Have loyalty too.

in April I got quoted MSRP with marked up MF by the dealer sales manager on a 340i ZHP 6MT that was on the lot for 380 days :man_facepalming: lolz it’s still sitting there…

IMO lot time doesn’t really matter. Could be an indication that the dealer REALLY wants to move it, or it could be an indication that the dealer doesn’t care how long it sits.


I used autolist when cargurus had no nationwide search function but now that they do I went back because cargurus lists msrp while autolist only puts the selling price, it could be MSRP or lower/ higher.


A dealer will sell you a loaner at MSRP if you let them… lol.