Denied insurance

Also, the claim history might not be the only thing holding you back. How is your credit history? Lately, that has been playing a major role in determining eligibility for alot of these companies.

Just had someone reach out to me for insurance, perfect driving history and was denied from alot of standard markets simply due to the fact she has atrocious credit/credit history.

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Why do insurances even use credit standing as a factor in determining policy rates? What does it even have to do with the point of insurance? I do get if someone doesn’t pay up but they can drop them at any point so no risk like a loan would be.

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People who don’t pay their bills or pay late are more likely to get into accidents/file for claims.

Would you rent to someone who doesn’t pay their bills or is late? :rofl:

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Not saying it’s right but if I were a fraudster with no money I would get insurance, make 1 payment and POOF get into an ‘accident’. Your credit report could help point out that you are noted to do fraud. (Though your CLUE report is probably more important)

Renting is something else. They possess your property but think of it as a Netflix subscription, yea id give it to them, if they dont pay, close the account.

@forbs i understand your point but in that case the credit should be viewed as a yes or no basis, not something that varies depending on each point. Like you did fraud, no. Vs, you had 1-2 late payments and your credit dropped 100 points doesn’t hint on fraud risk.

Im sure they do it because historical data shows a correlation between likelihood of claims with credit score.


This. What Matt said :arrow_up: .

It’s all numbers.

Folks with bad credit are more likely to file claims thus increasing premiums.

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I had 2 no fault claims since I moved to Florida, horrible drivers here. My rate went up $65/mo to over 200/mo now. Switched to progressive to get 150/mo. This is for one 2021 tundra.

I was paying 210/mo for my i8 and and stelvio in PA last year…

They’re just gauging us from every angle. I can’t leave the house anymore without spending $100. I really don’t know how people with median incomes in America do it these days… 2 large pizzas and a salad $68 tonight. One was plain too.


A couple of reasons for high FL insurance costs, first the obv being storms, etc…however the 2nd is that FL statistically has a higher percentage of uninsured or underinsured driving around. Enough accidents happen within that category and carriers pushed through higher rates and then added on the “storm damage claims” when arguing for a rate approval increase.


(Work in insurance product/pricing)

There is a pretty clear relationship between credit & likelihood of filing a claim, and it varies enough across the credit range that it’s not just a “if below xx then no, otherwise yes” - 550 vs 600 vs 650 vs 700 all show different claims frequency. It’s actually one of the most predictive variables.

It’s also a controversial rating factor as you’d expect - not allowed to use it in California or Massachusetts, Washington tried banning it last year too, and other states regularly revisit their position. Feds regularly probe into this too.

On that point - insurance is unlike most other products in that it is regulated state by state. Legal environment also varies a lot state by state and there are other quirks like some states have no fault and others do not. Because of that, prices vary significantly across states. NYC metro area is expensive. Florida, Louisiana, Nevada also really expensive - in particular in SE FL, New Orleans, Vegas.


Yeah I have all my limits maxed out as well plus the uninsured motorist. Still I’m paying more for one 50k vehicle then 250k of vehicles. Hard to swallow.

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Consider also getting a personal umbrella, 1 million liability is like 30 -40 bucks a year and covers all liability, need to have 250/500 on auto though

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How it started

How it’s going

I have a 5 mill umbrella policy still leftover from my days as a landlord. It costs nothing really

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Every reputable provider I’ve talked to wants $500K combined single limit, and it’s more like $200+ for $1 million umbrella nowadays… Most carriers will require you to have the home and auto policies with them too. As always, YMMV.

I have an umbrella policy with the company I get my auto insurance through. They require 250/500 on auto. My home insurance is with another company, since my auto/umbrella company will not insure my home in So Cal due to fire risk. I pay $475 for $5 million on the umbrella.

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Tried for 1 week and I am getting denied by all the agents and companies. My policy expires on 12/15. What can I do???

It’s illegal to drive in NY without insurance, so if you don’t have insurance by 12/15 you need to surrender the plates and park it.

Did any of the agents you spoke with give any insight about what might get you a policy (eg lower limits? A less expensive car? Better credit score?)

Have you started looking at options to sell the car?

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How long does a claim stay with you?