Denied insurance

Currently in the middle of the lease for a BMW 840ix Gran Coupe and State Farm will not renew my insurance due to 4-5 claims that I have
Claimed. I tried almost all the insurance companies and they all denied me. What can I do?

Sell the car and use public transit until you can get insured again.


Find an insurance broker. Request your CLUE Report and ensure it doesn’t have any errors.

If your current policy is dead, park your car until you have coverage.


@Abe_Lefko may have some recommendations for non standard carriers that will issue a policy for a commensurate premium.

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I don’t sell personal lines, but besides for checking your score and talking to a broker (who can tell you why they are rejecting you) If you have an LLC you can get a commercial auto policy

Does it matter that his car is a personal lease? You can’t put this lease on a business policy, can you?

You can put an Auto leased on your personal name if it’s used for the business

At least 50%.

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I didn’t figure you did. Thought maybe someone in your network / orbit did.

4-5 claims? You don’t even know how many? All your fault? If so, I’d suggest lots of driving lessons. Could help show insurance companies you are serious about setting yourself straight.


What were the claims?

3 no fault, 1 personal injury and 1 with the car rental no fault

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You’ll get someone to cover you. And it won’t be cheap. Agree that having a business/LLC and getting a commercial policy would help.

After you figure out the situation and you do need a broker to fix it. It’s beyond one man side gid. You need a pro who does that on a daily basis.

For the future, if it’s not my fault, (could be different in NY state if it’s no fault state) but in CT I’ve worked through the insurance of those at fault saving my records from such claims.


You may also want to consider trading out for an easier vehicle to insure. The loss rate on the 8-Series maybe compounding with your dismal record.

You really need to find a broker that is experienced in your area. As one myself, I will tell you the market has really gotten tough. Most big name companies will not cover an individual driver with 5 recent accidents reguardless of fault (most will not offer with 3 or more). There are secondary markets that will cover you. You just need to find someone with access (not agents representing just one carrier).


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Bingo! No one is going to insure that car with his record. Now if it was a Hyundai u have a shot.

Would be more than happy to give it a shot, as I have 7 NY markets for Auto…definitely a long shot but would take me all but 10 minutes to run quotes. Shoot me a PM if you haven’t found anything as of yet.

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