December Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Giulia Lease Deals



Hello! My name is Jerry Kidd with a DFW, TX based Alfa Romeo Dealership, we have some great Lease specials this month on our Alfa Romeo Stelvio’s and Giulia’s. You may contact me at (682)556-9417 Call or Text with any Stock number from our website ( I will start working on the deal for you right away! I work with all states subject to your own state’s taxes. I look forward to working with you and making some great deals happen. Thank you!

Please send me your Name, Contact number, Address (city/state/zip), Miles per year (10k/12k/15k) as well as the stock number (or specs/features) you are looking for. (Numbers provided below are base payments with Texas taxes and rebates and qualify for all discounts. All numbers are with approved credit)

Alfa Romeo Giulia 10k miles a year - MSRP: $43,240 First payment down + $2,500 due at signing (texas)
39 Months: 399 a month

Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti 10k Miles a year - MSRP $45,340 First payment down + $2,250 due at signing
39 Months: 419 a month

Alfa Romeo Stelvio 10k Miles a year - MSRP $45,190 First payment due at signing ($399)
39 Months: 399 a month

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti 10k Miles a year - MSRP $47,290 First payment due at signing ($419)
39 Months: 419 a month



You must be Kidding! LMAO!!!


I’m not “Kidding” around when I say i’ll get you a great deal!


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You’ll sooner find an albino unicorn that craps out 24kt gold nuggets than you’ll find a genuine deal in TX. They play for keeps and if you think you’re walking away with a deal out of there, it means they played you like a fiddle.


Some manufacturers don’t allow for dealers to post deals in open forums, so some of the awesome dealers here use spreadsheets to get around that for us. Lame, it is not.


TX also charges tax on the whole car, and not the lease payment like other states do, putting a deal there at a severe disadvantage.


How is it a Joke? These are generic specials going on right now for the dealership, I as well as others have gotten great deals for customers through leasehackr. It’s a starting point, and I am able to work on some great lease deals for anyone looking. Pretty sure there are plenty of dealers doing the exact same thing?


I’m missing the joke as well. These deals are comparable to others that have been posted on the forum recently.


These are actually not bad for a starting point. A lot of others on Leasehackr have been getting Stelvio Tis for mid-400s or higher. Starting at 399 with one month down ain’t bad.


They have this deal every Sunday


$3000 DAS and it was for the last 8 or so 2018s they had. I called.


The only person who finds the car ugly. Alfa’s were always unreliable, but you don’t love them for their stability, you love them for the emotion they evoke.


Not at all, I just don’t see the point of you feeling the need to bombard my post. Do you have anything better to do? You aren’t bringing anything to this post. Are you even looking to lease the unreliable ugly car you claim it to be? Hope you feel tough lol such a keyboard warrior


How Stelvio TI 24/12K payment looks like?


Messaged you


I have some stock# Specific deals for all states

Giulia Base: (A575095) MSRP 43,790 First Payment due at signing+ Tee’s and fee’s (Texas Resident’s): $391.44

27 months: $391.44
39 months: $388.08
Miles per year: 10k

Giulia Ti: (A578222) MSRP 45,340 First Payment due at signing+ Tee’s and fees:
27 months: $427.99
39 months:$ 403.54

Stelvio Ti:(AC16698) MSRP 49,540 First Payment due at signing+ Tee’s and fee’s:
27 months: $472.18
39 months: $443.38

Stelvio Base (AB94594) MSRP 44,190 First Payment due at signing+ Tee’s and fee’s:
27 months: $427.36
39 months: $402.02


Just curious, does Alfa Romeo allow lease transfers? Also I’m assuming these are 2018 models? If I’m in Cali, are the numbers the same with just first payment DAS?


Yes the bank we use does allow lease transfers. Correct they are 2018’s they are going to have the best deals on them (still can get you a good deal on a 19 just not as good) I can certainly get you close just would have to factor in the difference in Taxes with texas vs Cali. Let me know if you are interested, thanks.


Hi Jerry, I am not seeing the window sticker on any of the 2018 Stelvio on your website. It’s really difficult to gauge what all packages are there on the vehicle without out the window sticker.