Dec Acura MDX deal check

I am checking for deals on the Acura MDX 2020 with 2WD with Tech package , Autonation’s deal looks pretty bad when it comes to lease any comments are welcome on how to do better what to negotiate on , Thanks !
I also have a Honda in the household so that should qualify me for loyalty credits
Any Dealers/ Brokers with a no haggle deal please feel free to DM me as well

First step here is determining what their pre-incentive discount is so you can compare against other deals.

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I got a few offers at lower lease price for the AWD Trim direct from dealerships you might want to do some more research…

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The MF is most prbly jacked up to the max…

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Oh nice, you mean AWD leases better than the 2WD ? any pointers like the price range that you’re looking to strike ?

I don’t believe that acura can mark up their mf. It probably is structured with the high mf/high incentive lease program though based on that discount amount

Interesting… I got an MF of .00205 from a dealer and haven’t seen that from edmunds

.00205 is an abnormal number from acura. Their normal base rate is .00225(.00215 with loyalty).

Can vary by model. They also usually offer a second lease program at a much lower mf but with proportionately lower incentives.


I got a few mid 400 per month +tax and fees DAS trying to do better than that where there is more cars in the lots.

How did the pre-incentive discount in your deal compare to the pre-incentive discount here?

What makes more sense if one is to lease to get discount and buyout within couple of months.

24 months or 36 months, RV is 59 vs 53 percent

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Whichever one has the highest incentives. If you’re buying it out immediately, the rv and term doesn’t matter much. You just want to make sure the deal is structured with the high mf/high incentive lease program.

The deal is structure different, from my experience with sites like autonation the actual numbers from the dealer is always different and than when you meet at dealership could change again. Personally I don’t qualify for the incentives but it’s Mid-December and 2022 MDX is out in Feb 2021 so I believe there is more room for discounts. Try some of the brokers here in the Forum marketplace some good Acura deals as well.

You absolutely do. You may not qualify for any of the additional, person specific incentives, but that doesn’t mean there none being applied.

Acura includes significant direct to dealer incentives in their sales price. The dealer rarely shows them… They’ll roll everything in to the autonation price, but they’re there. It’s your responsibility as a consumer to know what they are so you can properly differentiate between what is a dealer discount and what is an incentive.

I agree with you on that, I assume the discount is already there this month and this is why I am trying to find a slightly better deal. Some dealerships don’t even want to match their offer but I hope as we get closer to the end of the month maybe they will.
There is a cool app/site that can show you quantity of cars on each lot it might help with a work plan or not but worth a try:

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What pre-incentive discount are you currently being offered?

There is about 7.5k incentives on the Acura MDX, so the dealer is offering you a 10% discount, roughly. With conquest/loyalty, you should be able to squeeze this juicy lemon a few more percentage points. I think $450 with 0 down is a good target. Enjoy. See previous Acura posts … There are 2 MFs for the rebates. Generally best to take the higher MF with the better rebate.

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Depends on trim. $8600 on tech and higher with the high mf program currently it appears.

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Is someone else is shopping for the same in the bay area as well ? maybe we can buy together to combine research and get a better deal due to volume - at the least share the leg work done

With a little more research and negotiation including the 1500 loyalty/conquest you should be able to get around 400 including taxes for SH-AWD without any packages. Where are you at right now?

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